Technology moves at lightning speed in today's world. Advancements in the security industry are no exception. Tasco is always on alert for the best and newest technologies for both home and business applications. Below you find some of the newer products we have available to upgrade your system with. Please contact us to learn more about how these new technologies can give you greater peace-of-mind. 


AES RadioThe AES-IntelliNet line of burglary transceivers offer safety, security, speed, and reliability with no more worries about technology obsolescence by providing a wireless communications link between the alarm panel and the central station receiver.

Napco iBridge iphoneThere is an app for everything these days, even for home security.

Napco recently introduced its iBridge app that links your home security system and Z-Wave home devices with one convenient management and messenger service. There have been alarm systems with remote arming capabilities on the home security market for some time now, but this new trio of devices brings home security to a whole new level.

NAPCO iSee Video Remote VideoSee what's happening in real time. Live video in the palm of your hands.

iSee Video is an affordable remote video system where kids, pets, elders or employees, boats or vacation homes are viewable on any PC and all smart devices, Android and Apple, from anywhere, 24/7.

Hybrid NVR & IP CamerasTransform video into intelligence. The new Hybrid NVR and IP Camera solutions deliver the security and insights you need to work faster, smarter and more profitably. Now you can move to IP, get high-quality HD video without replacing your coaxial cables.

ServicePlan logoTasco Security's Full Service Policy Plans are all-inclusive preventive maintenance plans for your home and business security systems. No more worry about batteries dying when you're out of town or equipment failure due to a manufacturer's defect.

open close systemAs a business owner, manager or caretaker you need to know who's coming and going. Opening & closing reporting helps business owners and managers track when their businesses are being opened and closed and by whom.

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