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Tasco Security

Based in New England, Tasco Security has been providing systems and services nationwide for clients seeking to integrate security, life safety, video, and electronic systems in their businesses and their homes.

More than just a traditional alarm services provider, Tasco provides a full range of security-related services. From investigations and personal protective planning to full security audits and risk assessment, Tasco has the experience and the resources to meet your security challenges..

Integrated Systems

A key to unobtrusive, client-friendly, but effective systems is integration: not only integrating the various security, life safety, and environmental sensor, alarm, and notification so they can work together to preserve the client's life and property, but integrating the systems themselves into the home or business environment in such a way that they're completely transparent -- until they are needed.

With the tools of today's technology, these systems can work for you -- not just alerting you to an intruder, but telling you where the intruder is; not just warning of smoke or fire, but lighting the way to safety.... and always notifying the proper responder via a doubly redundant communications system.

Doing It Right

Tasco takes great care to assure that every system we design and install fits both the needs and the lifestyle of our clients: all of these systems are meant to protect and preserve our client's lives and lifestyles, not disrupt or modify them. Once installed, all systems are monitored constantly to assure fault-free operation and our customer service team is proactive in seeking solutions. If false alarms occur, Tasco works with the client to determine the cause. Occasionally the solution is a simple matter of client education, while other times the best solution is adjustment of the system. Whatever the solution, Tasco is committed to doing it right.

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