F.A.Q. s

You need to acknowledge the previous alarm before rearming the system. For a Concord 4 or newer Napco system, push RESET. For a Caretaker or SXV system, enter your code and then the number "1". For an older Napco system, press and hold the number "9".
If a trouble does not show on your keypad then you should check any non-Tasco smoke detectors, local CO detectors, interrupted cycles on dryers or dishwashers, etc.
We will not provide codes or passwords to customers if they can’t remember them. You will need to have an authorized user contact us and provide their password – we can then give the information to that user.
Our Customer Service team can provide your insurance company an Insurance Certificate certifying the coverage you have for your property. Click here to submit a request.
Tasco is here to service your inquires and needs 24/7. After hours and weekends our certified answering service is happy to assist you. Whether you need to speak with one of our highly trained technicians, need to cancel an alarm that accidentally went off, or assist with properly activating your alarm, you will be directed to the proper party or have your call promptly returned.
At Tasco Security, we believe that a customized security system is the only way to ensure your residential and commercial properties are fully protected. Identifying your lifestyle, while understanding the physical layout of your home or business, as well as the levels of protection you require, allows our team to design a custom approach that matches your financial goals and functional requirements. Our mission is providing clients the peace of mind in knowing their property is properly protected with a security system designed to fit their needs.
YES! Simply login into the Customer Portal located in the navigation bar above. If you have not logged in before you will need to set up an account. Then use your email address and password you created during the setup to access your account. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Some of our clients have 2 contracts with Tasco. One contract covers the monitoring of the alarm. That is the signal between the alarm panel and our monitoring station. The other contract is a Full Service Contract. This contract covers the maintenance of the alarm system including an annual system check, the replacement of equipment that may be malfunctioning, sundry items such as batteries and labor during our normal business hours.


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