The Importance of Connecting Your Fire Alarm to Your Fire Department

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Fire safety has been a big part of our educational system growing up. We have been instructed on how to stop, drop, and roll, should you ever find yourself on fire. It has been drilled into our minds that "only you can prevent forest fires" from a giant, "pants-wearing" brown bear. Yet what about the situations that we cannot control?

What if a fire breaks out in your home while you are away? There are countless situations where you might feel helpless, but having your fire alarm connected to your local fire department is the first step in preventing any future tragedies from striking.

Let's take the previous example, where you are away for the weekend with your family, and something goes awry while you are gone. Your youngest child forgot to shut off their night light in their bedroom, and a roll of paper towels were situated rather close to this light. Obviously this is a hypothetical situation, but the point is the same. The paper towels start to warm up due to the heat emitting from the night light until it begins to smoke. Soon flames appear and before you know it, the room is about to catch on fire. Luckily for you, you made sure that your fire alarm was connected to the fire department, so they arrived before the damage spread.

Fires can bring devastation to a family, your home and neighborhood. Taking the proper precautions, you will be able to follow in Smokey's footsteps and not only prevent forest fires, but house fires as well.

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