Redundancy in Alarm Monitoring: Radio, Cellular, and Internet Backups

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In today's interconnected world, it makes perfect sense that redundancy in alarm coverage, with radio, cellular, and Internet back ups, has become crucial. This redundancy is defined as the instance of multiple technological devices covering and receiving calls. Also, redundancy refers to the use of more than one central monitoring center which fields calls and relays them to multiple places until the call is answered. Redundancy ensures that despite weather, technological failure, power outages, or high call volume, your home or business will still be protected.

Redundancy covers multiple bases for alarm monitoring in the sense that alarms are covered through the telephone, which is redundant with multiple processing units. On top of that, there are also alarm monitoring stations, which can receive alerts via long-range radio and the Internet. Furthermore, dual, redundant computers ensure there are no interruptions in handling alarms. No interruptions create a better shield in your alarm service.

There are many reasons to seek out redundancy in monitoring, these include inclement weather, in which case redundant monitoring is key to aiding in the protection of your home or business in the form of a security system and is the best option to keep your property safe from mother nature and other events out of your hands. advises, when considering phone lines and alarm systems, it is best to use more than one. "For the most reliable and secure alarm communication system, consider combining two services in one unit. You can use a traditional phone line or VoIP as the primary method of communication and cellular radio as secondary communication." Using multiple services will ensure that you are reached if your alarm monitoring company notices a problem.

Redundancy in alarm monitoring gives the service which you depend on for security an extra layer of defense. It also guarantees that if there is a security breach, you can be contacted in multiple ways. If you are already taking the step to secure your home or business, why not do it to the fullest possible extent?


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