Home Security Tips You May Not Know About

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Home Security TipsHomeowners do their best to keep their home safe from potential break ins, often employing the use of a home security system to protect inhabitants and valuables. While a security system is always a must and is the best way to go about keeping a home safe, it's not the entire picture. There are certain things any homeowner can do to supplement the power of a home security system, such as changing locks, unique security codes, and securing garage doors and windows at all times.

If you are seeking further ways you can protect your home that goes beyond relying solely on one single system, follow these simple tips:

  • Moving into a home? Change the locks. If you're moving into a new home that has been previously occupied by other tenants, it may be wise to change the locks. Previous tenants may have copies of keys that correspond to the locks on your new house, and it's always best to, just in case, swap out the locks on all doors for new ones. This also goes for garage doors, if not electric.
  • If you must have a spare key, use a Knox Box. A Knox Box is a locked enclosure that requires a code to open. This ensures that only the people you have authorized have access to your key.
  • Secure garage doors. The garage is an area of the home that is prone to intrusive entrance of strangers, as many people fail to secure their garage doors during the day. Even when homeowners are at home, leaving the car garage open or unlocked can help intruders gain access to the home that will otherwise bypass the security system.
  • Unique codes. Systems that allow customers to have unique codes for each individual eliminate the need to periodically change codes. That way you will also never be sharing codes with anyone. To learn more about our systems which allow for unique codes, visit our website.


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