Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer

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Just in the past few months, we all have heard various accounts of young children suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. In Massachusetts, three separate cases left young children in the Boston area dead after preventable situations occurred. During a snowstorm, each case involved running the car to warm up, while not fully plowed out, leaving the exhaust valve blocked. Things that seem so simple can turn into something so heart wrenching and devastating.

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is considered to be the most common type of fatal air poisoning throughout the world. Carbon monoxide is virtually impossible to detect without the assistance of a monitor, so making sure that your household has at least one carbon monoxide detector is vitally important. If you are running the detector on batteries, make sure that you are replacing them every few months. Be sure to run monthly tests to make sure that the detectors are running properly, letting out the necessary audible tone. Similar to smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors should be an obvious addition to any home.

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