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Tips for Reducing False Alarms with Your Home Security System

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false alarmsFalse alarms from security systems can be a hassle for homeowners and law enforcement don’t particularly appreciate them either. Sometimes, false alarms can signal police that there is a real emergency happening within a home, which unnecessarily uses up valuable time for law enforcement officers. Not only that, the time and effort it takes on homeowners to reset, learn, and work around the errors can be far from pleasurable. Fortunately, there are things any homeowner can do to reduce the incidence of accidentally inducing an alarm signal, whether it be user error or a misunderstanding within the system's functioning.

More than 3,000 municipalities in the United States have a fine for a false alarm, making it crucial to homeowners on a budget to know their security systems inside and out. Reducing the incidence of a false alarm is not very difficult, especially if certain precautions are taken before, during, and after installing a security system. Here are three tips any homeowner with security systems can do to prevent a false alarm:

  1. Train Residents How to Use the Security System. All family members should know how to operate the home's security system, including all relevant pass codes and how to turn on/off the system. Any member that cannot operate the system may increase the risk of a false alarm.
  2. Keep Security Companies in the Loop. If going on vacation, hiring help, or getting work done on the house, notify the security company who installed the security system beforehand. This way they can be prepared for regular system interruptions during the time period.
  3. Check System Monthly. Always test your system to ensure that it is functioning properly. Also, have a professional check by your security system company. This can prevent any short circuits or malfunctions in the future.

To avoid fines and preventable hassle, there are a number of ways any homeowner can prevent a false alarm in their security system. Owners of a security system should contact their security company to gain further education on how to work their system and should always keep their phone number close in case a pertinent question arises.

Have you ever experienced a false alarm with your security system? What do you do to prevent false alarms? Please share with us your thoughts on our Facebook page!