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Safe and Sound

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Even in 2014, there are still people who leave their doors unlocked, and then there are people with apps on their smartphones who can see every room of their house or business. Where is the happy medium? The most recent Forbes 'America's Safest Cities' rankings came out with Plano, Texas at number one. While I'm sure that city is lovely, we are New Englanders, and as our customers, you are looking for that safety right in your own home or business.

Your goal is to find a solution that would provide peace of mind; and to be proactively smart without alarming your family. Researching security systems is the place to start. You will quickly learn that security is really just one piece of the safety puzzle. Perimeter alarm systems with motion detectors seem pretty standard, but you can also add modules to control lights, appliances and heat. These environmental systems make it easy to "go green" and would have a positive impact on the earth.

Continued research will lead you to Life Safety Systems – another piece to the puzzle, which will lead you to realize that it seems logical to integrate fire alarm systems and carbon monoxide detectors with the other areas of safety. You will also find that this is all very reassuring and that this information-gathering process will give you a sense of empowerment instead of being unsettling.

To help you achieve this feeling of safety, we break down the various systems that are available, so you can determine what is right for you. Some options, like access control and camera systems, offer solutions fit for businesses as well.

Keep in mind that your needs may change over time and additional security can be added later. For instance, a home theater and full-house audio system may be items on your family's wish list. If and when you decide to make these a reality, you may want to increase security and add more control to protect your investment.

All of this information will provide you with a whole new perspective regarding safety and security. Remember that so many factors and statistics went into those safe city rankings and that the data may quickly become overwhelming. There is even comic relief in all of this - one report said that four of the safest cities also appeared on a top 10 list of the most boring cities. So, in conclusion, you should certainly do your homework, make thoughtful decisions, then go and enjoy your life.