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11 Smart Apps for Your Home

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Smart Apps for your PhoneHomes all across the world are becoming increasingly smarter, thanks heavily to the plethora of apps available for smartphones and similar devices. These apps control lighting, air conditioning, heating, utensils, appliances, and electronics, providing a further protection on one’s home and energy usage. These apps may be helpful for increasing the safety of one’s home by alerting homeowners of certain threats and by helping owners take immediate action.

Here are the top 11 smart apps for any homeowner, regardless if they have a smart home or not:

  • Appliance controllers. There are a variety of apps available that help you control how appliances, security, and the home behaves. Most are free and use a cloud-enabled computer system.
  • Device controller. Helps to control any device that plugs into the wall, like alarm clocks, television sets, and even landline phones. If it’s plugged in and left on, it can be turned off with these apps.
  • Automation. A home automation system app can be installed on a smart phone or smart tablet device to help automate many of the home’s main features, like air conditioning and security.
  • Lighting control. Some apps are able to connect to common devices in the home, acting as a remote control for lights and appliances.
  • Alarm control. The alarm control apps help homeowners activate and deactivate their alarm system when they are away from their home.
  • Home webcam. If you have webcams or security cameras installed in your home, you can often find a free app that connects to these cameras so you can keep an eye on your home at any time of the day.
  • Air conditioning and heating control. A smart thermostat app helps you control the temperature of the home. This can help save money on heating and air bills by controlling indoor temperatures when homeowners are away from their residence.
  • Complete control apps. Some paid-for apps gives homeowners almost complete control over entertainment, lighting, and energy usage in the home.
  • Cable apps. Apps connected to a television cable plan can act as a remote control of sorts for when homeowners are away from home but wish to manage their television recordings and other entertainment options.
  • Indoor mood lighting. There are some available apps that can control the hue and mood of indoor lighting, perfect for people wishing to set a certain atmosphere for a party.
  • Home comfort apps. Another thermostat app, home comfort apps allow users to control temperature settings no matter where they are. It allows users to see their heating and air usage and adjust it accordingly when they are on their way home.