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Home Security? There’s an App for That,

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10 Jan
Home Security? There’s an App for That,

There is an app for everything these days, even for home security.

Napco recently introduced its iBridge app that links your home security system and Z-Wave home devices with one convenient management and messenger service. There have been alarm systems with remote arming capabilities on the home security market for some time now, but this new trio of devices brings home security to a whole new level.

Have you ever dreamed of living like the Jetsons? No we don’t have robot housemaids to sell you, but with Z-Wave home devices it is almost as good. Z-wave technology enabled devices use a propriety signal that allows you to control the lights, thermostat, your garage door, etc. all from your smartphone or tablet.

The iBridge app allows you to connect your central alarm system programming with the Z-wave devices in your home. The iBridge app also allows you to have 24/7 updates on what is being used in your home --i.e. the thermostat, open doors and locks-- via the iMessenger system built into the app. The iMessenger system can be programmed to send you up-to-the-minute updates about the alarm system.

Say you are leaving on vacation, and while you are going through security at the airport, you have this feeling you’ve forgotten to lock the garage door, or arm the alarm system, you can use the iBridge app and iMessenger system to not only check on your concerns, but to also activate your alarm system or turn any Z-wave device on or off. And should something happen while you’re gone, your iMessenger system will alert you.

With Napco’s new iBridge app, linked with your alarm system and Z-wave home devices, you can have complete control of your home security. Call us today to look at discuss our line of Napco security systems.