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Committed to the Call of Excellence.

Tasco is proud to have National Monitoring Center (NMC) as our monitoring service. NMC has two fully-staffed 24/7 redundant monitoring centers - one located in Irving, Texas and the other in Lake Forest, California. What does this mean to you? It means your calls will be answered just as quickly as normal even if a major emergency occurs in your area or elsewhere in the country. With two centers, the load of calls is evenly distributed to eliminate a lag in response time.

Security Monitoring Facility

Reach a real live operator within Two Rings.
Dedicated support you need, when you need it.

NMC’s 2 Full-Time Fully Staffed Facilities provide:
• quicker response times
• triple redundancy 24/7
• exceptional report generation
• changes to your account now are made directly by contacting your local Tasco office


Better Monitoring. More Peace-of-Mind.

NMC started as a family business over 30 years ago and has risen to become the premier 3rd-party monitoring company in the nation. Their success is due to an unparalleled combination of two things: state-of-the-art technology along with the most highly trained, professional and knowledgeable staff in the industry. When you bring these two together you eliminate errors, enhance customer service and provide greater peace-of-mind.

Monitoring Services Available

  • Alarm Monitoring w/ Weekly Check
  • Optional Daily Check-ins for Alarms
  • Backup Communication Device Reporting
  • Internet Communication Reporting
  • Low Temperature Monitoring
  • Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring w/ Daily Check-ins
  • CCTV Daily Monitoring
  • Opening/Close Reporting (real-time, weekly, monthly)
  • iBridge Service
  • Virtual Keypad
  • iSee Video

 Security Monitoring Facility


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