Life Safety Systems

Life Safety Systems - Fire DetectionTasco Security does more than just protect against intruders and weather conditions. Utilizing true life safety systems, beyond smoke alarms, ensures that occupants are protected against any situation. Every employee at Tasco understands the need to address life safety in our clients' homes and businesses comprehensively, seamlessly and proactively. It is our task to assure our clients that they will be secure in the event that the unthinkable occurs.

Residential Fire Detection Systems

We design our residential fire alarm systems to meet NFPA 72 and Life safety 101 Codes. These are the codes that are used in new home construction projects while also meeting insurance company requirements.

These codes require that smoke detectors are installed on each level of the home, within fifteen feet of an entry to a sleeping area, and in each bedroom. Tasco Security also installs rate-of-rise sensors in the areas that have the highest propensity for fire to start such as the kitchen and furnace. Although these devices detect a rapid change in temperature, they do not detect smoke which allows the optimum detection while reducing the chances of false alarms that may be caused by overcooking dinner, fireplaces, and woodstoves. The final level of detection is provided from fixed heat sensors that are installed in attached garages, attic spaces, and storage areas.

Commercial Fire Detection Systems

Commercial fire alarms installed by Tasco meet all codes and are custom designed individually based upon the use and zoning of the building. Commercial fire systems often require formal approval by a state or local authority and a strict permitting process must be followed. In addition to the installation of smoke detectors, rate of rise sensors, and heat sensors; commercial fire detection systems also require strobe lights, horn/strobes, manually activated pull stations, and sprinkler alarm integration. Tasco’s licensed and experienced technicians can design and install a cost effective system that meets these strict codes.

Commercial Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection Services

We also offer comprehensive test and inspection services to ensure that your life/safety fire alarm system is in full working order and providing your business with the fire alarm protection that is necessary for proper safety. Our technicians are licensed to perform the annual system inspections that are required by law.

Gas Detection Systems

Tasco Security provides carbon monoxide, propane gas, and natural gas detection devices. In residences, carbon monoxide sensors are typically installed on each level of the home and in each sleeping area. In commercial applications, carbon monoxide sensors are installed by code based upon the specific use of the building. These gas detection systems will detect the presence of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide gas is produced from incomplete combustion from any fuel source - your furnace, fireplace, woodstove, or gas appliance. Carbon monoxide is a silent and deadly killer and it has no color or smell. As heating systems and building insulation become more efficient the risk of carbon monoxide being produced is increased.

Propane and natural gas sensors are installed six feet from any natural gas source or appliance. The Tasco Security devices will detect the presence of gas within the structure. Unlike carbon monoxide, these gasses do have an odor to them, yet they pose a unique risk in that a catastrophic explosion can occur if they go unchecked.

Panic Alarms

Panic alarms can provide silent notification to a police department with the press of a button. They can also be programmed for medical emergencies. These devices can be portable or mounted in a fixed location. Panic alarms can be installed in municipal offices, schools, professional offices or residences.


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