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Intrusion Detection Systems

Tasco Security has an arsenal of devices it can install to protect you and your home.  We design systems ranging from simple mantrap alarms to full perimeter detection systems.

Mantrap alarms usually consist of alarming the primary points of entry (doors) with contact switches and layering that detection with motion sensors (in key traffic areas).

Perimeter alarm system consists of glass break sensors, window alarm screens, door and window contacts.  These devices combined with motion sensors or stress detection provides comprehensive alarm coverage to protect not only the physical structure but also you and your loved ones.

Tasco Security installs state of the art control systems that are easy to use; yet provide a powerful level of security functions. These systems can be partitioned so that you can arm and disarm different areas of the building (or buildings) independently of one another. Modules can be added to control lighting and appliances, allow for access via touch-tone telephone, and remotely turn your heat up or down. These systems are intuitive and easy to use, thus reducing unwanted alarms.

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