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Environmental Systems

Peace of mind comes from more than protection from the physical and personal threats of intrusion or fire.

A truly integrated security system must take into account the threats to home and property that are posed by the environment in which we live.

Tasco's environmental systems, fully integrated with life safety and security systems, complete the protection of home and property necessary for true peace of mind.

Heating System and Low Temperature Detection Systems

Tasco provides several devices to ensure that your home or business will not be destroyed from frozen pipes and heating system failures. Temperature detection sensors will detect when the ambient room temperature falls out of a specified range (either too cold or too hot). These devices are installed in each heating zone (usually next to thermostats). High temperature sensors can be installed in freezers, wine cellars, computer server rooms and other areas where heat could cause damage to devices and goods. Burner-lockout sensors detect when the heating system goes into a lockout mode, because of lack of fuel or malfunction. These sensors provide added warning time, as the structure has not yet had time to cool down. These devices combined with low / high temperature sensors provide comprehensive coverage for your home or business.

Tasco Security also provides low fuel and high water detection.

Tasco Security installs state of the art control systems that are easy to use; yet provide a powerful level of security functions. These systems can be partitioned so that you can arm and disarm different areas of the building (or buildings) independently of one another. Modules can be added to control lighting and appliances, allow for access via touch-tone telephone, and remotely turn your heat up or down. These systems are intuitive and easy to use, thus reducing unwanted alarms.

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