Modern Security Systems and Their Online Presence

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With the constant updates and upgrades to security systems, many are offering an opportunity to integrate with online access, allowing the user to constantly be in the know about what is truly important to them, and no I am not referring to their relationship status.

Being able to pop open an application on your telephone and monitor your home's security system, complete with thermostat and light settings, is a truly remarkable advancement in the world of technology and security alike. We as consumers can oftentimes become lazy when it comes to our online access. We log into accounts and sometimes forget to properly log out, or we set the thermostat at a high temperature and forget to lessen it when we leave the house.

Security systems are becoming increasingly popular, and downright vital in certain situations, whether it be protecting your home, place of business, banking institution, or yes, your Facebook account. These are all places that hold a wide variety of personal and private information that you should treat with care. Utilizing the online presence of your security system will give you the freedom to again keep tabs on all things important in your life.

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Access Control and Its Importance for Businesses

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In today's world, as companies grow in terms of both staff and assets, an important factor that has to be addressed is the need for strong physical security capabilities.

Years ago workers did not fear for their safety from disgruntled employees or customers, and employers did not worry about the loss of both physical and intellectual business assets. However that was before the increase in workplace violence and the proliferation of computers and the electronic information they used as well as stored. Today building access security has become a critical need by business owners and executives.

In addition to the physical security of a company's staff, it goes without saying that regardless of the industry within every organization proprietary information exists that is both personal and vital. Without the proper security measures, that information can be rather easily stolen, leaving the business owner or executives liable for its loss. In fact, a number of states have already enacted laws outlining the responsibilities of companies for the protection of personal information as well as the penalties for not implementing adequate security measures to do so. Many other states, as well as the federal government are following suit with similar information protection laws.

The question becomes how to prevent such a loss from occurring? The answer begins with access control systems.

Using access control units not only prevents unauthorized persons from entering a place of business it can also monitor when, and where, employees go within a building. From simple access code keypads, to biometric scanners, to RFID (radio frequency identification) readers, today's access control units have a vast array of capabilities. They can greatly increase the tracking and accountability of employees as well as visitors alike.

While there are many other systems and devices used to protect a company's physical and intellectual assets as well as its employees, a strong network of access control devices is the first line of defense.

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Invasion of Privacy or a Necessary Cost of Protection?

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The idea of increased security measures in both schools and work places has become an increasingly hot topic of conversation in recent years. Given the senseless acts of violence that have erupted throughout schools in recent years, increased video surveillance in school hallways should not even be a talking point.

The bottom line is that as a parent or as an educator, you want children to be safe when they get on the school bus in the morning. You want to take any, and all, necessary measures to make sure that acts of violence do not occur. Multiple school administrators throughout New England have taken steps toward installing video monitoring systems throughout their schools, which has recently gained notoriety and generated a lot of gripes from affected students.

Students believe that by schools implementing these changes, administrators are blatantly spying on them, leaving students with zero privacy. Whereas school administrators and parents are fully supportive of these changes with the belief that protection of the students is key, regardless of the cost. While these changes need to go through many steps before they are actually implemented, students have been raising contrary viewpoints, which they hope will lead to eliminating any video monitoring of their school hallways.

How do you feel about this?

Do you agree that school administration must do everything in their power to protect their students? Or do you agree with the student's right to privacy by not allowing the additional security that video monitoring may provide?

The Benefits of Having a Motion Sensor

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When it comes to security you want to make sure that your home is taken care of. From the locks on every door or window throughout your house, to the constant upgrades that one makes to various security systems or home efficiency systems. A motion detector certainly has multiple advantages when it comes to efficiency as well as security, but is there drawbacks?

The old adage for real estate is location, location, location, and that rings true when dealing with installing a motion activated outdoor light. If you live in a high traffic area where vehicles and pedestrians are constantly zooming by your home, a motion activated light will light up your yard, but could prove to be more of an annoyance than anything else. There are ways around this, however, so you must pay close attention to the placement of the light.

The motion activated lights offer assistance for those coming home to a dark house at night. As soon as you drive up your driveway and notice that the walkway is pitch black, you will breathe a sigh of relief because you know that as soon as you step foot out of the car, your motion activated lights will detect that you are home and pop on, shining up the yard and walkway so that you can avoid your children's toys.

Installing a motion activated light not only brightens up your home's ambiance, but it beefs up your home's security. Remember to make sure that you are deciding upon the correct placement of your motion activated lights so that you are not woken up multiple times in the middle of the night because the neighbor's cat wandered over to your yard. Contact your local security experts for additional tips, tricks, and advice when it comes to installing and utilizing a motion activated light. Visit us at for more information.

Silent or Audible? How to Choose Your Alarm?

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Security is and always will be a hot topic for any and all homeowners, and the question that seems to arise is whether or not implementing a silent alarm works better than a traditional audible one? This is a tough question to answer because there are various situations in which either would prevail. Let's start with the traditional audible alarm and decide some of the pros and cons, and then we can integrate the silent aspect.

We all have heard the basic security system being tripped in movies and television shows and watched what the intruder does next. But that is not reality. We can't expect an intruder to hear a siren and all of a sudden pull a "Road Runner" and speed off into the distance. While that is more or less what the intruder is going to be thinking himself, we as homeowners, can't make assumptions in this situation. So thinking of it from an audible perspective, the louder the better, right? The wannabe burglar doesn't want to draw extra attention to the house, so they would high tail it out of there before the police arrive. It also depends on your location. If you are living in a very rural area with no neighbor closer than a mile away, no matter how loud the alarm is, the intruder is less likely to panic and run immediately.

Now you have an alarm that is sounded and blaring, so the question then becomes; what happens next? The authorities have been notified and are en route, but you are alone in your home with an intruder still potentially in your home. Let's back up a minute, and think about what another possibility could be. If an intruder decides to break into your home, and they aren't scared away by any noisy alarm, a silent notification could be going out to the proper authorities, allowing them time to get to your property and nab the burglar red handed.

The debate can continue with various points and counterpoints, but the main key is knowing that you must protect yourself and your home from the possibility of an intruder paying you a visit. Whether you decide to scare them away with a loud audible alarm, or go the silent route and alert the police unbeknownst to the unwanted guest, you have taken the first step.

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The Importance of Connecting Your Fire Alarm to Your Fire Department

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Fire safety has been a big part of our educational system growing up. We have been instructed on how to stop, drop, and roll, should you ever find yourself on fire. It has been drilled into our minds that "only you can prevent forest fires" from a giant, "pants-wearing" brown bear. Yet what about the situations that we cannot control?

What if a fire breaks out in your home while you are away? There are countless situations where you might feel helpless, but having your fire alarm connected to your local fire department is the first step in preventing any future tragedies from striking.

Let's take the previous example, where you are away for the weekend with your family, and something goes awry while you are gone. Your youngest child forgot to shut off their night light in their bedroom, and a roll of paper towels were situated rather close to this light. Obviously this is a hypothetical situation, but the point is the same. The paper towels start to warm up due to the heat emitting from the night light until it begins to smoke. Soon flames appear and before you know it, the room is about to catch on fire. Luckily for you, you made sure that your fire alarm was connected to the fire department, so they arrived before the damage spread.

Fires can bring devastation to a family, your home and neighborhood. Taking the proper precautions, you will be able to follow in Smokey's footsteps and not only prevent forest fires, but house fires as well.

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Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer

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Just in the past few months, we all have heard various accounts of young children suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. In Massachusetts, three separate cases left young children in the Boston area dead after preventable situations occurred. During a snowstorm, each case involved running the car to warm up, while not fully plowed out, leaving the exhaust valve blocked. Things that seem so simple can turn into something so heart wrenching and devastating.

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is considered to be the most common type of fatal air poisoning throughout the world. Carbon monoxide is virtually impossible to detect without the assistance of a monitor, so making sure that your household has at least one carbon monoxide detector is vitally important. If you are running the detector on batteries, make sure that you are replacing them every few months. Be sure to run monthly tests to make sure that the detectors are running properly, letting out the necessary audible tone. Similar to smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors should be an obvious addition to any home.

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How Much is Too Much?

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In a world where violence seems to occur on an almost daily basis, the increasing push for security raises multiple questions, comments, and concerns. Numerous school officials have voiced their deep concern for increasing and updating their security processes. Whether it is by adding additional security personnel at the entryways of their schools, or vamping up their surveillance monitoring, schools across the country are looking for additional ways to keep the children safe.

The question has now begun to arise of "how much is too much?" Students in Walpole, Massachusetts for example, have established a petition to prevent their school from installing surveillance cameras in the hallways. "The cameras proposed for the high school hallways are an unwarranted invasion of our privacy in a place that is supposed to be a supportive environment of learning. It creates a feeling of distrust between the students and the administrators," said the group's ringleader1. The group that has dubbed themselves the Students Opposing Surveillance (SOS) has collected over 500 signatures and is set to argue their case in front of the school board. However, it would be naïve to think that Walpole is the only school that is dealing with their security issues. This is a major concern for school administrations, parents, and obviously students to determine how much is too much? School officials and parents want to make sure that the children are in a safe environment, as they should be when they step off the big yellow bus. Students, on the other hand, don't want to feel like they are being watched every time that they punch in their locker combination.

However, the purpose for the added security is not to find out whom Joey is going on a date with this Friday night, but to take the necessary measures to make sure that all are kept safe. If an incident does occur, these security systems will be vital in helping to get to the bottom of what happened. Another Walpole student said in the same article that "these cameras will not stop bullets from flying, or put Kevlar in front of the students," but while those cameras don't physically do those things necessarily, they certainly provide a sense of comfort. Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion on this matter, but the question will continue to arise of how much is too much.

Tasco Security has the experience with knowing the right balance between securing your home and intruding on privacy. Tell us your thoughts.

1Johanna Seltz “Walpole Students Petition Against School Surveillance Cameras”, Boston.Com (March 2013)

Top 10 Safest Cities in America

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In a world where violence seems to be the top headline on the evening news, it is nice to know that there are still safe environments throughout America. Here are the top 10 safest cities in America according to Parenting.Com1. These locations provide the most peaceful atmospheres, leaving parents feeling comfortable at the idea of their kids being safe.

  1. Burlington, Vermont
  2. Virginia Beach, Virginia
  3. Portland, Oregon
  4. Boulder, Colorado
  5. Seattle, Washington
  6. Fort Wayne, Indiana
  7. Scottsdale, Arizona
  8. Lexington, Kentucky
  9. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  10. Spokane, Washington

All 10 of these locations all boast the same overall theme, which is being family oriented. Low crime rates, and low sex offenders per capita lead to these locations being prime pieces of real estate for families to feel safe in. Safety and security are some of the most important pieces to determining where you wish to raise a family, and these 10 locations offer up some smart choices.

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What makes you feel safe?

1Sara Vigneri, “Top 10 Safest Cities in America” Parenting.Com

The Importance of Video Surveillance

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With the constant development of technological advances for business and pleasure, it would seem that this would bring a lot of good to the world in more ways than one. Video surveillance has been an important piece to a wide range of business owners, and they are appearing more and more frequently in the comforts of one’s own home. We have all seen the commercials where the mother is stuck at work, but still able to see her children walk through the door after school. But what we are beginning to see more frequently, are the ways that private video surveillance systems help local authorities apprehend criminals.

We all remember the famous catchphrase, “you’re on Candid Camera,” where the hidden camera appears from the bushes causing the target to burst out laughing. This is very similar; however, these criminals don’t find it all that funny. Police in various precincts around the country are beginning to utilize videotapes from both business and homeowner if a crime has been committed, and low and behold, more often than not the criminals face is in clear view, leading to a quick and easy arrest.

We look at the importance of video surveillance and how it provides peace of mind to a business or home owner, but seeing true life accounts of how these systems function for the better, can ultimately lend a hand to your overall safety.

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