Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems

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In recent years, surveillance systems have been popping up more and more and have been playing a variety of roles in the protection and safety of homes and the important things that reside behind their doors.

One of the biggest benefits of video surveillance systems is the protection of personal information. You may not even realize, but you have countless pieces of personal information ranging from bank statements to social security numbers, to everything in between all over your home. Establishing a surveillance system will allow you to see if anyone unwanted has had access to this confidential information and thus would allow you to act immediately in ensuring that this information remains secure. Security camera footage is constantly available to you via a home monitor, your tablet, or even your Smartphone.

Another crucial benefit is the way that parents can utilize these systems. Perhaps mom cannot get home from work in time to see her kids return home from school, but a video surveillance system, mom can get a firsthand look at her children walking through the front door, waving and smiling for the camera. This shows mom that not only did they get home from school safely, but you can see who snags a cookie before dinner.

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Asset Tracking

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A company's fixed assets are any "permanent" physical object that is used within the business. It can be anything from computers, tools, software to office equipment and furniture. As a business grows it can become a significant challenge to accurately track the status of each of these assets. Information about an asset's location, condition, age and how many of them you have on hand are critical for several reasons. It saves the firm time and money, reduces theft, facilitates budgetary planning, as well as even enabling a faster recovery in the event of a disaster.

Since these assets are normally used on a day to day basis by employees they still belong to the company and must remain under its' control. As such, if the company does not have an established asset tracking policy, and an accurate method of tracking those assets, it is very easy to lose that control.

There are many ways to accomplish this, from developing a "simple" spreadsheet to manually keep track of equipment types and serial numbers, to sophisticated GPS labeled equipment that is automatically tracked by a sophisticated asset management system. While the spreadsheet method is attractive in terms of implementation costs, it is dependent upon manually entered data, which can negatively affect the overall accuracy of the asset inventory. There are many mid-range systems that utilize serial numbered (and often bar coded) tags that are affixed to each asset enabling easier and more accurate tracking.

Accurate tracking of physical assets are a critical component of maintaining the financial health of any organization. It is incumbent on business owners to ensure that this is consistently managed and accounted for.

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Environmental Protection for Computer Systems

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scattered on someone’s desktop. There are ways to prevent these potential attacks that we all must be aware of.

If you are dealing with confidential data, it is always recommended to never leave it unattended on your desk for any period of time, even it if is just a quick run to the rest room. At a minimum, put it out of sight if it cannot be locked up. Whenever possible utilize password protection on critical business documents, in addition to having log-in information that is not easily guessed. Simple 3 and 4 character passwords are not strong enough. Try using 8 to 10 passwords that contain an assortment of letters, numeric, and special characters. Even phrases like “ILikep1zz@” are great passwords that are easy to remember.

Viruses can be a computer user’s worst nightmare. From having information stolen from your hard drive to even having it wiped completely clean, malicious software viruses can literally ruin your day. There are a plethora of virus protection software applications on the market, but they do not always do a good job protecting your assets if they are not installed properly, or their protection algorithms are out of date.

It is important to monitor your virus software to ensure that you have downloaded and properly updated it whenever the manufacturer makes them available. Virus Protection companies are constantly updating their software to ensure that they are protecting you against the latest threats that are lurking on the internet.

The weather is something that not many folks would consider as a potential danger to computer systems. Heat and humidity can have a negative effect on your system, in fact if a computer system gets too hot it can actually shut down with what are called “thermal checks”. It is also critical to have all your computing equipment plugged into good surge protectors. Power spikes caused by lightning, or even spikes from the power company themselves, can do permanent damage to the electronics within a computer. It is never a good idea to plug a computer directly into a wall socket. Furthermore if you do know a thunderstorm is approaching and you do not need to use your computer, do the safe thing and completely unplug it from the wall.

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Protecting Company Equipment Assets

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As a business owner, there are a wide range of business topics you have to consider in order to be successful. From having a strong and reliable work force to support your day to day business dealings, to how to maintain a strong client base, by keeping them happy and well taken care of. An often forgotten need is putting in place the security measures necessary for keeping your clients and your company protected. Within a business, there are numerous equipment assets that are important to your business operations, so it is critical to maintain a strong and secure environment to protect those assets. The question is often - how do you do this?

One of the easiest things that a business owner can do is to install a strong security system to secure all of the entryways into your building to protect your equipment as well as key business information. Having an alarm system that is activated when you leave the premises for the day and is deactivated when you return in the morning is a simple solution, but is one that often gets overlooked.

Another way to keep your assets protected is to implement an asset tracking system where encoded labels are affixed to each piece of equipment and is recorded within the software system. More sophisticated systems can actually track when each of those pieces of equipment is physically removed from your business premises.

Information is another key asset to your business. Make sure that you establish, and your team follows, proper protocols regarding business related online transactions. If you are retaining important, valuable electronic information on computer systems be sure that you are protected with a strong layer of computer software that will help protect against viruses and/or hackers from gaining access to your private information. Implement access codes for computer usage, and ensure that they are updated and changed frequently.

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Planning for Residence Security

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rsz mobile security phoneSecuring your home takes more than just installing a security system and pressing the ON button. A lot of planning needs to go into your system in order to make good use of its features. There are a few questions you should answer to help determine what you need for your home.

Do you live in a secluded area, or a busy neighborhood?

Regardless of the location, security is always helpful; however, if you were to live in a secluded area where you don't necessarily see your neighbors, perhaps you should consider a more robust security system, than one you may need if you were to live in a neighborhood. The one thing you should realize if you do live in a neighborhood is that you constantly have the eyes of a lot of neighbors keeping watch for things out of the ordinary. If you are lucky enough to find a neighbor who is trustworthy and caring, you can be sure that anytime you are out and about, he or she will be keeping a close eye on your home should anything suspicious come up.

Do you go on frequent vacations, or do you mainly stay home?

Vacations allow you an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life and relax. Vacations can also be problematic if you do not plan accordingly from a safety perspective. If you are planning on going away on vacation, be sure to take every precaution necessary to see that your home is buttoned up tight.

Do you wish to have control of your utilities away from your home?

This question is unique in that not all security systems offer this feature. Being able to control your thermostat and lights from your Smart Phone or computer is truly an amazing feature that some high end systems provide. If you have the capability of setting your thermostat to a timer to kick on to a certain temperature before you return home, or if you have automatic lights that pop on to brighten up the house, you are able to adjust the temperature before a vacation.

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Outdoor Security Systems

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rsz outdoor securitySimilar to installing a home security system to take care of what is inside of the house, why not look into
the importance of security systems that focus on your exterior? By doing so, you are making it that
much more difficult for a potential intruder to make it to your front door. Here are a few important
reasons why installing an outdoor security system is necessary and truly helpful.

Smile, you're on Candid Camera!
You would be surprised at how many criminals wind up on some sort of camera before, during, and/or
after their potential crime. Intruders are finding themselves on more and more surveillance cameras
with trusted security providers. By installing a few simple outdoor cameras, you will be able to keep a
close watch on those possible entry points, to catch anyone foolish enough to smile for the camera.

Let There Be Light
In addition to the installation of outdoor surveillance cameras, establishing a perimeter of motion sensor
triggered lights, will add your home's security. Intruder's like to operate in the dark where they can not
be seen. As soon as a potential intruder enters the sensor's range around your home, the lights shine
brightly for all to see. This could certainly catch the attention of your neighbors who know that you are
away from home.

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Home Security Vacation Tips

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rsz vacation securityWith summer in full swing, folks are beginning to find time to sneak away from the office to enjoy fun in the sun with family and friends on vacation. While vacation is supposed to be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, it can easily turn into a disaster when you realize that you did not take the proper security precautions before leaving your home. Some of these tips might seem basic, but keep in mind that the most basic of precautionary measures, can help protect your home and your belongings

Set Your Lights on a Timer
Even when you are not at home, by setting up your outside and/or indoor lights on a timer, will give the appearance that you are there, which will deter an intruder from attempting to break in. Now this doesn't always work; however, typically when an intruder sees lights on in a home, regardless of the homeowner actually being there, this puts them in an uncomfortable position, as they want to stay in the shadows as much as possible.

Draw Your Blinds Appropriately
When we say draw your blinds appropriately, that means don't leave your windows wide open, but don't leave the blinds fully shut. You want to leave curtains and blinds in a normal position wherever possible, because again, if a potential intruder notices that something seems off kilter with your window treatments, they might put two and two together and realize that you are away.

Lock Up
This is probably the simplest tip one could give, but you wouldn't believe how many doors and windows are left unlocked. Button up all windows and doors throughout your house regardless of their location, even they are on the second floor.

Set the Alarm
If you have a home security system, be sure to set this alarm. Once again, a very simple tip that is that is sometimes overlooked. When setting your alarm before heading out on vacation, notify your security provider of days you will be away and provide contact information should something arise. Do the same thing with a trusted neighbor to let them know you will be out of town, so that they can keep their eyes peeled should they see anything unusual.

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Caught On Camera

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Have you ever watched the TV show "Punk'd"? The show features celebrities who become the victims of harmless pranks, while being secretly videotaped. While hidden cameras may provide us with a source of entertainment they also play a very important role in enhancing security capabilities of both the workplace and our homes. We see the results every day on the news.

Law enforcement effectively used surveillance videos to identify the persons responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing out of the tens of thousands of people near the race's finish line. In addition to providing security in the workplace, surveillance cameras can be an effective tool at home as well.

Having a surveillance camera in a home can provide peace of mind to the homeowner for a variety of reasons. With the capability to get live feeds from these cameras via the Internet a person who is stuck at work can monitor their kids at home by using those security cameras. The peace of mind that they can provide in letting you know that you child is safe and sound at home is invaluable.

More importantly, the major benefit of having a home surveillance system is the event history it provides. In the unlikely event that a criminal attempts to, or successfully, breaks into your home the stored video footage can be used to help identify the perpetrator to law enforcement officials. This information could be the difference in their ability to quickly recover, and return, any stolen items to you.

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Are Automatic Light Sensors Necessary?

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Crazy as it may sound many folks believe that having automatic sensors for their outdoor lighting is an unnecessary luxury.  In reality, automatic sensors for outdoor lighting adds an additional layer of security to maintaining a safe and secure home whether you are in bed for the night, or are out of town for the weekend.

Why are sensors important? Simply put, they eliminate the darkness that allows intruders to freely operate in anonymity. It is a well-documented fact that potential intruders steer clear of well-lit homes.

Automatic lighting systems are incredibly enhanced these days. They can even be set to activate when a figure of a certain height or even weight comes within range. You can now set the sensors so that you won’t be woken up by bright exterior lights coming on whenever the neighborhood cat strolls into your yard at night. Even when you are not at home, automatic sensors add to your home’s security. If your neighbors are aware of your absence they can be on the lookout anytime those automated lights come on at night.

Rather than being a luxury, automatic sensor controlled lighting can be an important tool to improve your home’s overall safety. To learn more about automatic sensors for your home security system, visit us at

Is Being Careful Online and Physical Security That Different?

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Having a solid secure environment is vitally important to a person's well-being. Now that seems like an obvious statement, right? Unfortunately, many people do not understand, or appreciate, the true importance of being safe and secure in every aspect of their life.

All too often people believe that they do not need a security system because nothing will happen to them or their home. If only that was always the case, then that would be fantastic. Unfortunately in today's world, we all need to be cautious and constantly aware of our surroundings. So the question becomes, is being careful online really that different from being careful in "real life?"

In essence, they shouldn't be all that different, but in actuality they end up being worlds apart. More individuals value the security of their Facebook accounts more than that of their actual homes. They make sure to change their account passwords on a frequent basis, but never lock their doors when leaving for the day.

We all need to be careful when surfing the web, that should be obvious; but we all need to be a little more aware that physical security more often than not outweighs our online presence in more ways than one. No matter where you live, the physical security of your home is something that needs to be carefully considered. Why wait until something happens to finally think about the physical security of our home?

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