Benefits of Integrated Services

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When it comes to home security, the more you have, the better off you are. You can never be too safe, whether you live in the middle of a city or a more rural area such as Lebanon, New Hampshire. Even when you are not at home, an integrated security system can keep a watchful eye out for you and alert you to any unusual or suspicious activity. Living in New England can be challenging enough, but an integrated security system can make it a little bit easier. If you are in the market for integrated services, Tasco is a great resource.

Benefits of Security Systems

You may think that your home or business is safe and secure enough and that you don't need a security system to monitor the property. However, these statistics will make you think twice about whether you should invest in a security system. Studies have shown that homes without a working security system are 300 percent more likely to be burglarized.

Other benefits that home (and business) owners can enjoy include reduced loss, more affordable insurance rates, faster assistance in the event of an emergency, increased real estate value, and peace of mind. All of this is attainable with a traditional security system, which may consist of camera systems or video monitoring. However, integrated services often provide a number of different ways to conveniently monitor and control many different systems at once.

Tasco offers a number of options when it comes to security systems, all of which will make your home or business safer. For added safety and security, Tasco installs innovative state-of-the-art control systems that are easy to use yet provide a wide range of security functions for your safety. Such systems are designed so that they can be armed in one location yet disarmed in another setting, even in the same home or building. Whether you are leaving for vacation or just want to stay safe, you will appreciate the benefits of a well-rounded security system.

Integrated Services

As the name suggests, integrated services provide a way for you to closely monitor your home or business easily and efficiently, often with just a single device. One example is the iBridge home services app, which is designed for smartphones and will also work with touchscreens and tablets as well as iPhones and iPads. With this app it is possible to turn lights and alarms on or off, view video locally and remotely, and receive email messages and video clips.

Interactive security services provide an advanced home monitoring service as well. Advanced benefits, including tamper resistant technology, advanced home monitoring technology, and the fact that a phone line or internet connection is not required can be very beneficial to homeowners. Such an interactive security system enables you to monitor your property even though the system has been disarmed. You can also stay on top of your property and receive notifications by text or email. For added convenience, you can control your home using the web or a mobile application.


5 Ways to Save Money with a Home Security Device

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Most of us are aware of the basic benefits that a home security device can offer, including alerts when a suspected burglary is taking place or an alarm from a smoke detector or a carbon monoxide detector to let you know that you might be in danger. When it comes to personal wellbeing, the safety and security that such a device offers is priceless. However, you should also know that a home security device can also save money throughout the year, especially in rural settings such as Lebanon, New Hampshire or other parts of New England.

  1. Lower Utility Bills. This might come as a surprise at first, but having the proper home security device can help you save money on your utility bills. Installing a water or flood sensor, lights that come on only when a person is believed to be in the room, or temperature control in your home can protect your home from costly damage. If you get a device that lets you automate your controls, or remotely activate or deactivate them, the savings could be even better as you are able to increase efficiency and minimize unwanted utility use throughout the day.
  2. Savings Add Up. A monitored home security device, such as a camera or monitoring system, can ultimately save you more money, even though you are paying for the system in the first place. Devices such as an iPhone can be set up to keep an eye on the house. Although these devices can be expensive to purchase initially, consider the total loss you would have to endure if a catastrophic event, such as a burglary or fire, occurred in your home.
  3. Simple is Better. You don't need to install and run an expensive home security device, such as a camera system, to enjoy enhanced home or business security. Although those devices can help you save money, so can taking simple steps around the home. Start by upgrading your door locks and replacing dated deadbolts with newer and stronger ones, and installing motion-activated light sensors around the home. Insurers will take these seemingly smaller steps into consideration, which equals money savings for you.
  4. Install a Radio Communicator. A radio communicator hooks up to most security systems and has a cellular antenna that reaches out to a cell tower for emergencies, updates, and calibration. You may not need a landline (which can be expensive), as many home security systems have wireless capabilities. Many radio communicators are inexpensive and sometimes involve a small monthly fee.
  5. Make Home Security Improvements. Common security devices such as smoke detectors, deadbolt locks, or burglar alarms often yield savings of at least five percent on your home or business insurance. In addition, some companies might offer to lower your premium by 15 to 20 percent if you install a more advanced device, such as a fire alarm and sprinkler system that notifies emergency responders. You can benefit from additional savings by contacting your insurance provider to see what they suggest, and what the final savings will be.


How Social Media is Putting the New Cop on the Corner

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Police forces have leveraged social media to the point where common cyberspace platforms like Twitter and Facebook are changing the way forces of all sizes do their work.

Here's a great example. Timothy J. Henton writes on the FBI's website that social media is in fact on its way to becoming the modern version of the cop on the corner. His article talks about how many law enforcement officials are coming to see social media as a way to inform the public directly without going through more traditional media outlets.

Beyond social media's ability to connect us and keep everyone informed and safe directly, police forces are seeing the benefits of using CCTV Camera Systems to get still pictures and video to use in conjunction with platforms like Facebook. Industry websites like Security Management offer articles on the tips these pictures and videos can bring to investigations. Bringing these types of technologies together will be one of the challenges that modern police forces will face going forward and the smart money will bet on mobile applications finding their rightful place in the mix.

There's little doubt social media is changing the way police do their work, but that doesn't mean having a cop on the corner via Twitter will take the place of conventional Life Safety Systems or Environmental Systems when it comes to home or business security anytime soon. For example, technologies like burner-lockout sensors that detect when a heating system goes into lockout mode and other home or business security modules that control functions like lighting and appliances are better controlled for now with access from a touch tone phone.

Still, all eyes are on the ability of social media to find common ground with these more traditional hardwired technologies to allow police to do their work in more innovative ways in the not too distant future.


Safe and Sound

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Even in 2014, there are still people who leave their doors unlocked, and then there are people with apps on their smartphones who can see every room of their house or business. Where is the happy medium? The most recent Forbes 'America's Safest Cities' rankings came out with Plano, Texas at number one. While I'm sure that city is lovely, we are New Englanders, and as our customers, you are looking for that safety right in your own home or business.

Your goal is to find a solution that would provide peace of mind; and to be proactively smart without alarming your family. Researching security systems is the place to start. You will quickly learn that security is really just one piece of the safety puzzle. Perimeter alarm systems with motion detectors seem pretty standard, but you can also add modules to control lights, appliances and heat. These environmental systems make it easy to "go green" and would have a positive impact on the earth.

Continued research will lead you to Life Safety Systems – another piece to the puzzle, which will lead you to realize that it seems logical to integrate fire alarm systems and carbon monoxide detectors with the other areas of safety. You will also find that this is all very reassuring and that this information-gathering process will give you a sense of empowerment instead of being unsettling.

To help you achieve this feeling of safety, we break down the various systems that are available, so you can determine what is right for you. Some options, like access control and camera systems, offer solutions fit for businesses as well.

Keep in mind that your needs may change over time and additional security can be added later. For instance, a home theater and full-house audio system may be items on your family's wish list. If and when you decide to make these a reality, you may want to increase security and add more control to protect your investment.

All of this information will provide you with a whole new perspective regarding safety and security. Remember that so many factors and statistics went into those safe city rankings and that the data may quickly become overwhelming. There is even comic relief in all of this - one report said that four of the safest cities also appeared on a top 10 list of the most boring cities. So, in conclusion, you should certainly do your homework, make thoughtful decisions, then go and enjoy your life.


The Top Three Benefits to Using High Resolution Internet Protocol Camera Systems

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Property protection is a must in both business and personal life, with locks being essential items found on most properties in New England. Cameras are also becoming increasingly employed as a further protective measure, helping to detect intruders and identify theft. High-resolution camera systems, like the ones found at Tasco Security, are especially helpful for clear viewing.

Considering that many homeowners and businesses install camera systems on their premises for security reasons, it might be surprising to know that there may be other equally-valid benefits to utilizing these helpful technology systems. Some of these benefits include:

1 - Workforce Productivity

◦ Business owners are always looking for innovative ways to boost productivity in the workplace. Meetings, focus groups, and motivational workshops are wonderful, but something needs to be introduced that will help hold employees accountable for their actions. This is where IP camera systems can come into play. Not only do employees feel more secure in their environment, they may also feel an increased motivation to perform their daily duties in a noble, diligent, and correct manner.

2 - Business Evaluation

◦ Video monitoring can be a powerful tool for evaluating customer behavior. Companies can view areas of their business that receive the highest level of foot traffic, helping to strategically place their items or services in these areas to boost their sales. Also, by monitoring customer interactions and behavior, marketing departments can have a better insight into how, why, and when customers engage in their shopping routine, helping to drive a successful marketing approach that is geared toward increasing overall profit.

3 - Remote Viewing

◦ IP systems are contained within a network that can send and receive high-resolution images and video clips at a moment's notice. Managers who work remotely or are traveling to meetings, corporate offices, etc., may benefit from an IP monitoring system. Homeowners can also use this as a means to monitor their home during vacations or out-of-town work commitments.

Keeping a home or place of business secure and protected from theft is certainly of top priority in many people's minds. However, by not taking advantage of life safety systems, other helpful benefits cannot be fully enjoyed. It is wise to always consult a professional IP system company to determine monitoring needs based on one's specific safety and business goals.


Why Remote Video Monitoring Is Another Feather in Innovation’s Cap

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When business or average citizens have conversations about innovation, the usual suspects are often the same ones that get mentioned over and over. For business, the topics generally center on data analytics and the cloud. For the average person on the street, smartphone technology is usually at the center of things.

However, security is another aspect that shouldn't get overlooked. Monitoring your home or business with professional security systems is the way to go in these modern times and the sure path to peace of mind. Camera systems have come a long way to the point where they offer complete protection and safety with integrated alarm features and environmental systems that alert you before your pipes have frozen or your furnace breaks down - not after.

Looking for a company that can supply you with these comprehensive security packages that involve features like Life Safety Systems and access control features means using several criteria. Make sure any firm you are thinking about giving your business to has a level of transparency in the sense they offer some value added tips on what kind of durability is best in camera systems. For instance, if you plan on putting these cameras outside, having weather resistant coverings is a critical prerequisite. As far as video quality goes, high resolution megapixel cameras are rapidly becoming the standard bearer for all security systems.

As a security company, we understand the need for a comprehensive approach for this new breed of Life Safety Systems. Beyond the remote video monitoring capabilities we employ, Tasco offers several innovative features like a doubly redundant communications system that alerts the proper responders. This feature is a fine example of the complete blanket approach to security that innovation can provide.


The Benefits of Local Service vs. ADT, AT&T, and Comcast

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When choosing a home security service, it might be tempting to choose a nationally known company like ADT or a multiple service provider such as AT&T or Comcast, but taking advantage of a local service instead can benefit you greatly.

Tabatha Muntzinger writes for Charles Hudson: "with a simple check-in with your local BBB (Better Business Bureau), you'll be sure to find a local security company more than happy to protect your home and make sure you and your family's safety is of their utmost concern." Consider the following list of advantages when making your home security decision.

  • Local Employees: A smaller local security company, as opposed to a larger organization like ADT, gives its employees the opportunity to form relationships with clients. This kind of service increases accountability for the service provider and improves confidence on the part of the client. These companies don't worry about selling their services nationwide, they want provide the best service possible locally.
  • Faster Response Time: Muntzinger points out that, not only from a geographical point of view, local security companies are at a better advantage for protecting your home. Instead of your call being processed by a national call center, it is attended to by a dispatcher who is usually within a 50 mile radius of your home. She comments: "the difference in response time roughly translates to a 20-minute delay by the national companies. In that amount of time, robbers would be in and out, or a small fire could swell into an unmanageable one."
  • Focus Solely on Your Security: In the case of a telecommunications company like AT&T or a cable company like Comcast, security is only one of the many services they provide. If a company is concerned with providing more than one service, it is easy for a customer's call to get bumped from one department to another, leaving the person frustrated and displeased with the service.
  • Community Investment: By choosing a local security company, you can be content in the fact that your fees are being put back into your community. Jobs are created in your locality and, as Muntzinger, points out, "The people who run the company are your neighbors, and it benefits them just as much as it does you to have your home and your towns safe." A local security company makes your home safer and contributes to a greater sense of safety and well-being in the community as a whole.

Even though a larger company might be more well known, or offer you the chance to bundle your services, consider giving your business to a local service. They are customer service-oriented, provide quick responses, focused services, and give back to the community.



Redundancy in Alarm Monitoring: Radio, Cellular, and Internet Backups

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In today's interconnected world, it makes perfect sense that redundancy in alarm coverage, with radio, cellular, and Internet back ups, has become crucial. This redundancy is defined as the instance of multiple technological devices covering and receiving calls. Also, redundancy refers to the use of more than one central monitoring center which fields calls and relays them to multiple places until the call is answered. Redundancy ensures that despite weather, technological failure, power outages, or high call volume, your home or business will still be protected.

Redundancy covers multiple bases for alarm monitoring in the sense that alarms are covered through the telephone, which is redundant with multiple processing units. On top of that, there are also alarm monitoring stations, which can receive alerts via long-range radio and the Internet. Furthermore, dual, redundant computers ensure there are no interruptions in handling alarms. No interruptions create a better shield in your alarm service.

There are many reasons to seek out redundancy in monitoring, these include inclement weather, in which case redundant monitoring is key to aiding in the protection of your home or business in the form of a security system and is the best option to keep your property safe from mother nature and other events out of your hands. advises, when considering phone lines and alarm systems, it is best to use more than one. "For the most reliable and secure alarm communication system, consider combining two services in one unit. You can use a traditional phone line or VoIP as the primary method of communication and cellular radio as secondary communication." Using multiple services will ensure that you are reached if your alarm monitoring company notices a problem.

Redundancy in alarm monitoring gives the service which you depend on for security an extra layer of defense. It also guarantees that if there is a security breach, you can be contacted in multiple ways. If you are already taking the step to secure your home or business, why not do it to the fullest possible extent?


Benefits of Z Wave Devices

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Z-Wave devices allow complete and seamless interaction among your home electronics, low powered radio waves that travel without hindrance through objects and space. According to Z-Wave Alliance, the technology is "a next-generation wireless ecosystem that lets all your home electronics talk to each other, and to you, via remote control. [It] unifies all your home electronics into an integrated wireless network, with no complicated programming and no new cables to run."

The benefits of this technology as detailed by Rob Callahan, are numerous and multi-faceted. Z-Wave devices include:

  • Wireless Technology: According to, the wireless technology of "Z-Wave...makes regular household products, like lights, door locks and thermostats 'smart.'" The products, when connected with Z-Wave, can communicate wirelessly, all being controlled by a phone, tablet or pc. Currently there are nearly 1000 different Z-Wave products that all work together so you can choose the products that are right for your home." If you're home, out running errands, or on vacation, Z-Wave technology gives you the same amount of control over the devices in your home.
  • Compatibility and Availability: As discussed by Callahan, the "relatively low power consumption of Z-Wave technology" can let it be incorporated into devices which could not have supported wireless communication previously. At present, there are almost 1000 different Z-Wave products which work together to be used to their best advantage in your home. These include the "iBridge Connected Home Suite [which] centers around one cost-effective Z-Remote Module and choice of consumer interface, the iBridge App; optional iBridge Wi-Fi Touchscreen/Tablet; or online PC." The technology allows services to be provided by smaller dealers, including "security, energy management and/or home automation."
  • Energy Conservation: Z-Wave technology can help you to conserve energy in multiple ways, including thermostat control corresponding to daylight sensors, and lights and appliances turned off and on at a set schedule.

Z-Wave technology allows home technology to become automated and accessible remotely, conserve energy, and expand connection over time. The benefits of Z-Wave are readily apparent and will only continue to develop as the technology becomes more widely used and incorporated into daily life.


Keeping New Year's Eve Happy

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The best way to keep your New Year's Eve a happy one is to ensure that you, your family, and friends are safe! Taking a few simple precautions, whether you are entertaining at home or facing the crowds in the city, will guarantee a more enjoyable holiday for everyone.

A major danger for those heading out on New Year's Eve is drunk driving. The roads are always busy and with the amount of celebrating going on, it is an extremely unfortunate guarantee that there will be intoxicated individuals behind the wheel. Protect yourself and others; don't be part of the problem. The first piece of advice in an Army article on safety for the holiday is: "Designate a Driver...don't drink and drive. If you have a friend who does not prefer to drink, make sure they take the wheel."

The piece goes on to say that if you can manage it, avoid driving entirely. "...Avoid a potentially dangerous accident by staying off the road. Otherwise, be alert and drive defensively." Wear a seatbelt and if it's possible, take advantage of public transportation, a cab, or stay at a friend's house.

Another helpful list of safety measures can be found here. If you are attending a crowded event or party, "be on guard and aware of your with a group or in pairs...and make sure everyone has a 'buddy' who can confirm they got home safely at the end of the night." No matter where you are, don't leave your drink unattended.

The Army article reminds us to be safe at home as well. "Be careful with open flames: If you're burning candles, incense or oil burners, remember to extinguish them before you turn in or before you leave the room they are burning in. Pay extra attention to pets and children around open flames."

Finally, if you are holding an event at your home, be a responsible host. Serve alcohol in moderation and provide alternative beverages. Make sure guests have enough to eat and if possible, that they don't overindulge. Taking guests' keys at the beginning of the night will help avoid an awkward situation if they have had too much to drink. Help arrange safe rides home or insist that friends stay with you.

By being smart and conscientious, you can make sure that the holiday will be a successful and safe one for you, your family, and friends.


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