Video Camera Security

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Security systems are ever expanding, updating, and adding newer technologies. At Tasco Security, we take full advantage of this to create the custom security system that best fits you, your family, and your overall needs.

tasco videoA great feature you may want to consider while we help you create your custom security system is video camera security.

With increased high-speed IP networking, the internet is making video surveillance more efficient and accessible to more people. Analog video surveillance is still appealing for some, and it may be the right fit for you or your business, but with newer technologies, the compact, efficient digital IP cameras provide high-quality images with the ability to seamlessly customize your surveillance. This means that camera security isn’t just for corporate and business security systems anymore.

When adding video security to your residence, you give yourself extra protection against intruders. Video cameras strategically placed around, and within your home will allow you to see who may be approaching, and who is within your home at any given time.

And, to add convenience, many of these programs can link directly to your mobile devices even when you are away from home. This means you can check in on your pets, kids, and/or elderly relatives while you are on the go. Some systems even allow for zoom and tilt features giving you a wider viewing range with the possibility of using fewer cameras.

These amazing new video surveillance systems are making waves in business security too. As we mentioned, these newer cameras are more compact, and easier to use, with better quality pictures than the older, more expensive to maintain, systems.
If you are a business owner, maybe it is time to take a look at your existing security system and ask yourself if you should update, or maybe add video camera security.

Tasco Security is excited to take advantage of these latest technologies, so give us a call today to ask about adding, or updating video surveillance as part of your custom security system.

Home Alone

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Today is the age of extra long work days, and that could mean that your kids are getting home from camp or school, before you can escape from the office. While this may not be your ideal family situation, Tasco Security is here to make you feel a little more comfortable about it.Tasco HomeAlone

Even if you already trust Tasco with your alarm system and security, maybe it is time for an update to ensure extra security for your kids when you can’t be home.

At Tasco Security, we customize our systems to fit your family’s specific needs. If you have kids who will be home an hour or two before you get home from work, there are a few features you may want to consider adding to your security system.

Security cameras may seem like something you only have in offices and businesses, but there are camera systems specifically designed for residential use. These residential camera systems help you to keep an eye on kids, pets, elderly relatives, and give you peace of mind when you cannot be with them. Some of these systems, depending on your price point and compatibility with your existing security system, can be made to be interactive.

Keypad Entry
Even if you have the most responsible kids on the block, accidents happen and keys can get lost. To make you and your family safe and secure, you may consider adding a keypad entry to your security system. The majority of these systems allow multiple personal entry codes, so each member of the family can have their own code rather than just a key.

24/7 Monitoring
No matter what kind of security system you decide on, you will always have the Tasco 24/7 guarantee! All of our customers can feel secure knowing that Tasco Security offers 24/7 monitoring of your security system and routine weekly tests to make sure your system’s call out features are working properly.

Call Tasco Security today and talk to one of our dedicated team members about how we can make your home a little safer for your kids, pets, and/or elderly relatives, when they are home alone.

Redundancy Is the Answer

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Have you ever wondered how your alarm system contacts local authorities when you need assistance?Tasco JulyBlog Redundancy

The typical alarm system, when triggered, will call out to a dispatch center through your home or office’s landline. Having a reliable connection between your alarm system and landline is crucial in making sure local authorities are reached when you need them.

That is why we at Tasco Security perform a confidence check once a week. This confidence check will send a test signal from your system to our UL Listed Dispatch Center, and lets us know if your system is communicating properly.

Sometimes our confidence check reveals a break in the line of communication. More often than not, it is because a client has chosen to forgo their landline and sign up for a internet based phone service, or cellular plan instead. While we fully understand the choice to change services, we would like to warn you that it could cause a lapse in your security. Not all communication services are created equally, and may not be compatible with your current alarm system.

For all of these reasons, Tasco Security believes in the power of redundancy. When we custom design your security system, we suggest that your alarm system be fitted with at least two forms of outgoing communication. If, like many others, you have opted out of a landline, there are other forms of communication we can link your alarm service to. AES Radios, Cellular Units, and Netlink Modules are all reliable methods of communication from your alarm system to your response center.

Combining at least two forms of communication, whether it is an AES Radio and Landline, a Cellular Unit and Netlink Module, etc., you create a redundancy in your outgoing communication that could save your life should one of your communication lines fail. So, while your system may only require one form of communication, Tasco Security offers a variety of backup choices.

Call us today to see how redundancy can aid in your security.

5 Easy Landscaping Tricks for Added Security

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Believe it or not, your home’s landscaping can drastically change the effectiveness of your security. While we stand buy our custom security systems, these five easy landscaping tips can give your security system an extra boost.Tasco Landscaping1

1. Tree Spacing
Trees are great for adding shade and privacy to your yard, but they can also provide easy access to second story windows. When planting trees, or updating your landscape, consider how far those trees are from your house. Trimming back existing boughs can also alleviate this possible security hazard.

2. Shrubbery and Hedges
The idyllic New England home often boasts at least a couple well-trimmed hedges or shrubs, but the emphasis is on “well-trimmed.” If uncared for, shrubs and hedges can provide an easy hiding spot for thieves and intruders. If regular maintenance is not your thing, ask your landscaper about other foliage options.

3. Sharp Choices
When choosing plants for your garden, consider how thorns can hinder unwelcome guests. Roses aren’t just beautiful; they can be thorny and painful barriers between your home and intruders. Not all thorns are created equal, so do your research before you plant.

4. Gravel Borders
The ability to silently sneak into a home is key for robbers. To make this more difficult for them, consider using gravel borders around your home, especially under windows and by back patios or decks. Gravel will make footsteps easier to detect and deter intruders.

5. Fences
A white picket fence is the American dream, but remember that a tall fence can provide cover for potential intruders. No one likes nosy neighbors, but they could help keep your home safe.

So remember folks, when it comes to home security, your yard is the first line of defense. And, for everything else, call Tasco Security!

Is Your Security System Up-to-Date for Your Lifestyle

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So you have a security system for your home or office, but when was the last time you looked into how effective it is within your lifestyle.

Tasco Security is known for creating custom security systems to fit the needs of each of our clients. One size fits all security just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you recently got a pet that could set off your motion sensors. Or perhaps your home has now become a part-time residence while you travel the world. Are you interested in regular monitoring in case of an emergency? Is remote access to climate controls and your alarm system important to you?Napco iBridge iphone
These are all things you need to consider when installing or updating a security system for your home or office.

If it seems daunting, don’t worry. Tasco Security is here to help. With a variety of top of the line security technologies, you can count on Tasco to custom design a security system specific to your lifestyle and needs. Call us today to get started!

Benefits of Using A Local Security Service

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Commercial and home security services are an important thing to look into for your business and/or family, but with so many security services out there, how do you choose? Tasco Blog June

At Tasco Security, we understand your need for increased security. So, let us pose a question to you. If you have a medical emergency, would you call your local emergency dispatch, or would you call a brand name medical responder three states over? Of course you would choose the one who could get to you faster and was closer to you.

That is exactly how we treat our security services. Tasco Security offers top quality and custom designed security systems, but in order to ensure our customers get the best we have to offer, we only operate locally.

When you choose a local security service you can count on fast, efficient service. Tasco Security operates within an hour radius of Lebanon NH, which allows us to offer a faster install, and servicing of your security systems, and a more personalized relationship with our customers and local first responders.

If personalized, prompt service is important to you when choosing a security service, call Tasco Security today.

Home Security Tips You May Not Know About

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Home Security TipsHomeowners do their best to keep their home safe from potential break ins, often employing the use of a home security system to protect inhabitants and valuables. While a security system is always a must and is the best way to go about keeping a home safe, it's not the entire picture. There are certain things any homeowner can do to supplement the power of a home security system, such as changing locks, unique security codes, and securing garage doors and windows at all times.

If you are seeking further ways you can protect your home that goes beyond relying solely on one single system, follow these simple tips:

  • Moving into a home? Change the locks. If you're moving into a new home that has been previously occupied by other tenants, it may be wise to change the locks. Previous tenants may have copies of keys that correspond to the locks on your new house, and it's always best to, just in case, swap out the locks on all doors for new ones. This also goes for garage doors, if not electric.
  • If you must have a spare key, use a Knox Box. A Knox Box is a locked enclosure that requires a code to open. This ensures that only the people you have authorized have access to your key.
  • Secure garage doors. The garage is an area of the home that is prone to intrusive entrance of strangers, as many people fail to secure their garage doors during the day. Even when homeowners are at home, leaving the car garage open or unlocked can help intruders gain access to the home that will otherwise bypass the security system.
  • Unique codes. Systems that allow customers to have unique codes for each individual eliminate the need to periodically change codes. That way you will also never be sharing codes with anyone. To learn more about our systems which allow for unique codes, visit our website.


Protecting Your Home During Winter with Your Home Security System

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Security TrendsDepending on where you live, the weather can be pretty unpredictable. This is especially true when the seasons are on the verge of changing. It can be freezing one day and in the 80s the next, causing a great deal of confusion to plants, animals, and even your security system. Environmental sensors are one of the best ways to protect your security system during the winter, particularly in colder environments where snow can tamper with electricity. Some environmental sensors also detect freezing temperatures, helping home owners get a head start on protecting their home from damage before it starts.

In addition to freezing temperatures, some water and flood sensors can help detect the unusual presence of water inside a home. During the winter when snow melts, or perhaps during a heavy rainstorm, flooding can be a potential issue. Some sensors have the ability to both alert home owners of a potential leak and stop any given water line when needed. This ability can help protect against water damage, further reducing property maintenance costs. The sensors that provide both of these benefits are low in price and surely worthwhile, especially in areas with a high incidence for winter flooding.

Using gas heating can be somewhat tricky, especially if you are utilizing this form of indoor heating during a long winter. Exposure to hazardous gas can pose an immediate and long-term health risk. A gas sensor can be helpful for monitoring a leak and making sure inhabitants aren't exposed to deadly poisons, like carbon monoxide. Air quality can also suffer indoors during the winter. Some sensors use monitoring systems that can help control airflow within the home, possibly reducing compounds that are associated with illness.

How do these environmental sensors tie into home security? Home security isn't just about intruders; in fact, home security is about protecting your home from all types of dangers, whether they are human or natural elements. Using an environmental sensor in your home security can be the one extra step that keeps you and your family safe during the winter as well as throughout the year.

If you're concerned about taking care of your home during the winter months, contact us to learn more about the new methods for seasonal home security.

Home Security Trends for 2015

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Protect Your HomeMany of the new trends we are seeing in 2015 in regards to home security are extremely similar to the ones we have observed evolving within the past five years. Integration of home security is one of the biggest trends we're going to continue to see, as is video security and remote monitoring. The advancing technology of smartphones is allowing homeowners to gain more control over what is happening in their home security, and more and more people are continuing to take advantage of this technology to keep their home safe.

While home systems are constantly in motion (in response, mainly, to the evolution of technology), there are some trends we will see in 2015 that will be here to stay. Here are some of the home security trends you should expect to see in 2015:

  • Integration Continues to Expand: Being able to monitor and control devices in and around your home via smartphone apps is certainly useful, but integration is definitely a smart thing to do. In order to respond to issues at a moment's notice, many apps are now offering real-time information from security cameras, monitoring systems, and other devices installed in your home. Integration allows homeowners to feel more in control of their home no matter where they are, giving them peace of mind.
  • Video Dominates: Video has dominated the home security market for decades, and it will continue to do so in 2015. Of course, we will probably be seeing more live streaming video to smartphones and tablets, helping homeowners monitor their residence no matter where they may be. Some cameras today, which also stream HD live video, have face recognition software, notifying homeowners whenever certain people have entered the home. This can provides more ease in parents' lives who are away from home who need to know when their children arrive home.
  • Remote Monitoring: Remote monitoring will continue to evolve during 2015, thanks in part to the rise of smartphones and smart technology. Many homeowners want to have the controls wherever they are that will allow them to lock doors and windows, turn on alarms, and control lighting. Most of these controls, if not all, can be taken accessed and used on smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Do you have plans to incorporate any of these trends in your home security this year? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page!

Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Recap

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CESEvery year in the first week of January, the consumer electronics industry is abuzz with excitement over the CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show. Hundreds of companies from all over the world come to show off their products that will be coming to market in 2015. Batteries, memory chips, and computer programs are just a few of the items displayed this year. Older products have gotten a reboot for 2015, reflecting the ever changing state of electronics.

Here are some of the highlights from the CES show of 2015:

  • POV Cameras. A point of view camera is a fun gadget that is useful for practically everyone--from surfers to home owners--wishing to amp their home security. Many POV cameras were displayed at the CES show this year, with the Sony 4K Action Cam being one of the most popular varieties. This camera attempts to mitigate motor vibration, doing a good job at it, too.
  • Drones. A variety of commercial and consumer drones were shown at the 2015 CES, with the Bionic Bird being the most intriguing variety. It looks like an electronic toy bird, except that it is controlled via smartphone in connection with its Bluetooth radio.
  • Kitchen Gadgets. One of the most popular kitchen appliance shown at the CES 2015 show as the Samsung Flex Duo Dual Door Oven. This interesting appliance allows two separate meals to be cooked or baked in the same oven at two different temperatures. Does a neighbor need to borrow the oven while your cooking dinner? No problem. Do you need to bake a pie at the same time your cooking a casserole at an entirely different temperature? Also, various gadgets were shown, ranging from new high-speed blenders to electronic measuring spoons.
  • Home Security Devices. New sleek home security devices, such as cameras, made their way into the CES 2015 convention. One camera that streams HD video straight to your smartphone has facial recognition software, allowing you to know when certain people (whom you program) have entered the home at any point in time. This can be helpful when knowing when your kids have returned home for school.

Contact us to learn more about the new innovations in home security and monitoring and check out our Facebook page!

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