Things to Do Before Vacation

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It was a record warm December, but winter has now arrived and that winter get-away to somewhere warm may be calling your name. The unfortunate fact is, most break-ins occur while homeowners are away on vacation.

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If you are like most homeowners, you will worry about the safety and security of your home at least a little bit while you are away. Thankfully, here are some easy things you can do to prepare your home and put your mind at ease while you are away.

Alarms and Light Timers
To help deter intruders, set house lights to a timer so they go on at a set time in the evening even while you are away. It has been proven that if a home is lit at night, robbers are less likely to see the home as an easy target. Make sure your home alarm is set before you leave, and consider adding remote connectivity to your home security system so that you can arm and disarm your system even when you are miles away.

Call a Trusty Friend/Neighbor
When you go away, it is always nice to know there is someone watching over your home. Make sure this trustworthy person, whether they are a friend or a neighbor, has a set of keys, a passcode for the alarm system, and numbers to call if anything should happen. This trusty person should live close by so they can keep a lookout for your property as often as possible. Or hire a reputable property maintenance company to check on your house while you are away.

Just these few simple things can make you feel more secure about leaving your home, so you can sit back and enjoy your vacation. And if you are in need of an upgrade to your home security system, Tasco Security is just a call away.

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