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Smart Homes, do they exist?

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In today's age, technology has become extremely prevalent in everyday life. It becomes second nature to log into your Facebook account, or manage your online accounts through your Smartphone, so why would security be any different. With a simple click of a mouse or the point of your finger, you now have access to control your home's security system from anywhere.

These systems can vary in price and performance, but what remains the same is the significance that this brings to homeowners. The peace of mind that it brings to an individual who forgets whether he turned the heat down at his summer home, or who can't remember if they turned off the kitchen lights. These are things that can easily be inspected and if needed resolved without the hassle of traveling or relying on a neighbor to lend a hand.

In addition to lighting and heating control, more and more home owners are installing surveillance equipment to continuously keep an eye on their home when they are out of town, or simply at work checking on the kids.

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