Silent or Audible? How to Choose Your Alarm?

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Security is and always will be a hot topic for any and all homeowners, and the question that seems to arise is whether or not implementing a silent alarm works better than a traditional audible one? This is a tough question to answer because there are various situations in which either would prevail. Let's start with the traditional audible alarm and decide some of the pros and cons, and then we can integrate the silent aspect.

We all have heard the basic security system being tripped in movies and television shows and watched what the intruder does next. But that is not reality. We can't expect an intruder to hear a siren and all of a sudden pull a "Road Runner" and speed off into the distance. While that is more or less what the intruder is going to be thinking himself, we as homeowners, can't make assumptions in this situation. So thinking of it from an audible perspective, the louder the better, right? The wannabe burglar doesn't want to draw extra attention to the house, so they would high tail it out of there before the police arrive. It also depends on your location. If you are living in a very rural area with no neighbor closer than a mile away, no matter how loud the alarm is, the intruder is less likely to panic and run immediately.

Now you have an alarm that is sounded and blaring, so the question then becomes; what happens next? The authorities have been notified and are en route, but you are alone in your home with an intruder still potentially in your home. Let's back up a minute, and think about what another possibility could be. If an intruder decides to break into your home, and they aren't scared away by any noisy alarm, a silent notification could be going out to the proper authorities, allowing them time to get to your property and nab the burglar red handed.

The debate can continue with various points and counterpoints, but the main key is knowing that you must protect yourself and your home from the possibility of an intruder paying you a visit. Whether you decide to scare them away with a loud audible alarm, or go the silent route and alert the police unbeknownst to the unwanted guest, you have taken the first step.

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