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Security Worthy = All Homes

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As the title suggests, Tasco Security truly believes that all homes, no matter the size or quality, are worth a security system. We aren’t saying this just to get you to buy a security system from us. We believe in protecting homes, not just houses.

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Your home is where you greeted by pets at your front door after your workday. Your home is where you have your friends and family over to celebrate holidays, promotions, or the big game. Your home is where you tuck your children into bed after family dinner, homework, and their favorite cartoon.

Your home is more than just a house. It is a place of comfort and happiness regardless of what it looks like or where it is. Many of our customers are in the rural areas of the Upper Valley and we often hear that they don’t need a security system because they are in the middle of nowhere and no one will rob them out there.

We would love to believe this to be true, but the reality is that drug use rates in rural areas have drastically increased in the last five years. This unfortunately means that drug related crime, like home invasions, assaults, and robberies, is also on the rise.

Tasco Security would like to help you protect your home from this increase of crime and potential risk to you and your family. We are a locally owned and operated company so we know the area and can help create a customized security system that is specific to you and your family’s needs.

Whether your home is in the middle of nowhere, or right in town it is your home and the contents of your home are worth protecting no matter what. Call Tasco Security today to get started on designing a security system that fits you and your home.