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Security Camera Internet Safety Tips

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security camera safety blogPerhaps you have heard recent alarming news reporting on recent security camera hacking sites. Although this news is reason to take extra diligence when choosing your alarm system, home and business owners can be assured that security cameras are the best protection for your home and business. Here are some tips to make sure you are getting optimal security from your security camera system:

  1. Change the Default Password. Most people purchase their security camera from a typical supermarket or big-box store. These security cameras have pre-coded passwords that many homeowners forget to change. This password is mainly a specific code that is applied to all like models. Not changing a password and making it unique leads the camera open to hackers.
  2. Be Diligent with Remote Monitoring. Some security cameras enable users to view their security camera footage from a remote location. An app or website is typically used to gain access to footage remotely. Cameras may have this option enabled by default, leaving the security camera open to hackers. You should always be aware of how to disable the remote option on your camera. Always read the manual of a security camera for further details on how to do this, or contact the manufacturer directly for assistance.
  3. Purchase from a Trusted Source. Always purchase security cameras—and any security system tools, for that matter—from a reputable, recognized security company, one that has years of experience in the field and is up to date on the latest security trends. Never purchase a security camera that is used or from a location that is less than savory. This can go a long way in ensuring a working, safe security camera.

Security cameras are one of the best tools home and business owners can use for improving overall property security. Due to the visual aspect of security cameras, they can be very helpful in warding off potential intruders and can prove to be invaluable when investigating a break-in. Even though some security cameras can be susceptible to hackers, by utilizing the above suggestions, you will minimize any risk and be able to secure your home or business confidently.

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