Redundancy Is the Answer

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Have you ever wondered how your alarm system contacts local authorities when you need assistance?Tasco JulyBlog Redundancy

The typical alarm system, when triggered, will call out to a dispatch center through your home or office’s landline. Having a reliable connection between your alarm system and landline is crucial in making sure local authorities are reached when you need them.

That is why we at Tasco Security perform a confidence check once a week. This confidence check will send a test signal from your system to our UL Listed Dispatch Center, and lets us know if your system is communicating properly.

Sometimes our confidence check reveals a break in the line of communication. More often than not, it is because a client has chosen to forgo their landline and sign up for a internet based phone service, or cellular plan instead. While we fully understand the choice to change services, we would like to warn you that it could cause a lapse in your security. Not all communication services are created equally, and may not be compatible with your current alarm system.

For all of these reasons, Tasco Security believes in the power of redundancy. When we custom design your security system, we suggest that your alarm system be fitted with at least two forms of outgoing communication. If, like many others, you have opted out of a landline, there are other forms of communication we can link your alarm service to. AES Radios, Cellular Units, and Netlink Modules are all reliable methods of communication from your alarm system to your response center.

Combining at least two forms of communication, whether it is an AES Radio and Landline, a Cellular Unit and Netlink Module, etc., you create a redundancy in your outgoing communication that could save your life should one of your communication lines fail. So, while your system may only require one form of communication, Tasco Security offers a variety of backup choices.

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