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Prepare Your Heating System for the Winter

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With the cooler months approaching, we all need to be sure we are taking the necessary precautions when we deal with our heating system. Here are a few tips to prepare yourself and your system so you are not stuck in the cold this winter.

Test your system. I know what you are saying, but yes, this is probably the most important tip we could give you. Too many times, people wait until the last minute to try their heating system, leaving them virtually no time to resolve whatever issue there may be. Start up your system and make sure it kicks on with no problems, and that your ducts are blowing adequate amounts of air through your home. You also want to make sure that the dampers on your heating system (should you have manual dampers to redirect airflow), are adjusted to the proper rooms you wish to heat more heavily than others.

Change your Air Filter. The air filter is the cardboard square that fits in your heating system that catches all the debris that might be floating around your home. When your air filters get dirty, which they most definitely will no matter how clean you feel your house is, it causes the heating system to work harder than it has to. A clean air filter helps reduce the amount of energy your system must use in order to run properly.

Seal leaks throughout your home. Look at all of your doorways and windows, and seal up areas that might be letting in a draft. Wherever cold air can penetrate your home, it will find a way in, so be sure to make it difficult for that air to do so. Your heating system will be your saving grace in some cases this winter, so be sure to take care of it leading up to the cold weather.

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