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Outdoor Home Fire Safety Tips

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fire safety tipsFire safety is an integral aspect of maintaining a home, not to mention a means for protecting family members and surrounding neighbors. Outdoor gatherings commonly held in the spring and summer months are one of the prime times for home fires. Grilling, outdoor lighting, and open flames are three of the most common fire hazards that can occur in and around a home.

Here are three things any homeowner can do to protect their home and their family when celebrating, decorating, or simply living in their home:

  1. Be Vigilant of Citronella Candles. Torches and candles that are used to deter mosquitos and other annoying insects can be very effective; however, keeping them lit in the outside near the house can expose a home to unnecessary danger. If an outdoor gathering must commence and citronella candles are used, be sure to know how many were lit during the night. Then, at the end of the gathering, extinguish all candles and recount each one to make sure all fire has been put out.
  2. Practice Outdoor Lighting and Electrical Safety. If the installation of outdoor lighting is necessary for an outdoor family gathering, or if thinking about placing holiday lights on trees or the porch, make sure there are no exposed wires that can come into contact with the elements. If a wire is exposed to water, for instance, it increases the chance of a fire.
  3. Watch the Barbecue. An outdoor barbecue is a favorite pastime in America; it can also be a tremendous fire hazard if an individual doesn’t know what they are doing. That being said, always be sure a knowledgeable and experienced individual—one that also has a fire extinguisher close at hand—knows how to use and safely handle a grill.

If homeowners believe they’re at risk for a fire due to electrical wiring that is beyond their control, it may be wise for these individuals to seek out the advice of a proper electrician. Even if there is no apparent concern, homeowners should always maintain a clean environment free from wires, open flames, and debris. By doing these things, homes have a higher protection rate and are less likely to experience a risk for fire.