Invasion of Privacy or a Necessary Cost of Protection?

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The idea of increased security measures in both schools and work places has become an increasingly hot topic of conversation in recent years. Given the senseless acts of violence that have erupted throughout schools in recent years, increased video surveillance in school hallways should not even be a talking point.

The bottom line is that as a parent or as an educator, you want children to be safe when they get on the school bus in the morning. You want to take any, and all, necessary measures to make sure that acts of violence do not occur. Multiple school administrators throughout New England have taken steps toward installing video monitoring systems throughout their schools, which has recently gained notoriety and generated a lot of gripes from affected students.

Students believe that by schools implementing these changes, administrators are blatantly spying on them, leaving students with zero privacy. Whereas school administrators and parents are fully supportive of these changes with the belief that protection of the students is key, regardless of the cost. While these changes need to go through many steps before they are actually implemented, students have been raising contrary viewpoints, which they hope will lead to eliminating any video monitoring of their school hallways.

How do you feel about this?

Do you agree that school administration must do everything in their power to protect their students? Or do you agree with the student's right to privacy by not allowing the additional security that video monitoring may provide?

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