Home Security Trends in 2014

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home-security-trends-blogThe trends we observed twenty years ago in home security and safety systems only somewhat resemble the trends we are seeing today; however, today's trends were born from yesterday's triumphs. Our ever-growing technology and pervasive use of smartphones are enabling us to live like never before, and they're also helping us protect our homes like never before.

While technology and home systems are constantly in flux, there are some trends we will see in 2014 that will be here to stay, at least for a while. Here are some of the home security trends you should expect to grow exponentially in 2014:

Mobile Automation: Smartphones are making life a little bit easier these days, thanks in part to the plethora of mobile apps and gadgets available. In 2014 and beyond, we should see a movement into home security automation, meaning we will be able to control various aspects of our home security systems with our phones. Apps already exist to control air conditioning, coffee pots, locks, and even lighting systems, and more and more security systems are helping their customers take control of their home's safety by easily accessing their system in the palm of their hand.

Remote Monitoring: Home owners can often fret over the safety of their home when they are away on a work trip or vacation, causing unnecessary stress that detracts from the trip's main goal. Security systems are seeing an increase of customer interest in remote monitoring, or the ability to watch the activity that occurs inside and around their abode. Whether it's installing camera systems and watching this activity periodically throughout the day on a smartphone or tablet, or it's a simple app that enables users to monitor the technical aspects of their life safety systems, remote monitoring is only going to grow in popularity.

Geo-fencing: The term "geo-fencing" describes a home owner's ability to establish a GPS-based boundary around the home, one that alerts the owner when a linked device crosses that boundary. In other words, if there is a resident, such as a child or an elderly individual, who requires security at all times, a geo-fence will immediately notify parents or caretakers when these leave the house (providing they are carrying their linked mobile device). This can provide an instant response to protecting those we love dearly, especially if they leave on their own without telling you.

Many of the trends we are seeing in home security correspond with the emerging trends in our mobile technology. These trends are only going to grow and evolve, just as our technology grows and evolves. While we are living in a fast-paced society, these effective and efficient safety systems will likely remain popular in New Hampshire as well as around the world.

What are you concerned about the most when it comes to your home security? Do you see yourself implementing these current home security trends into your own security systems? Share with us your thoughts in the comments, or over on our Facebook page!


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