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Caught On Camera

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Have you ever watched the TV show "Punk'd"? The show features celebrities who become the victims of harmless pranks, while being secretly videotaped. While hidden cameras may provide us with a source of entertainment they also play a very important role in enhancing security capabilities of both the workplace and our homes. We see the results every day on the news.

Law enforcement effectively used surveillance videos to identify the persons responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing out of the tens of thousands of people near the race's finish line. In addition to providing security in the workplace, surveillance cameras can be an effective tool at home as well.

Having a surveillance camera in a home can provide peace of mind to the homeowner for a variety of reasons. With the capability to get live feeds from these cameras via the Internet a person who is stuck at work can monitor their kids at home by using those security cameras. The peace of mind that they can provide in letting you know that you child is safe and sound at home is invaluable.

More importantly, the major benefit of having a home surveillance system is the event history it provides. In the unlikely event that a criminal attempts to, or successfully, breaks into your home the stored video footage can be used to help identify the perpetrator to law enforcement officials. This information could be the difference in their ability to quickly recover, and return, any stolen items to you.

The advantages of having such a system in your home or business are certainly obvious. If you would like to learn more about them, visit us at