Beyond the Safe Room, Home Security Goes Sci-FI

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home-security-goes-sci-fi-blogA safe room, while still not incredibly commonplace, is becoming a popular home addition to homes around the world. This room is meant to keep individuals of a household safe in the case of intruders, sealing them off from any contact with outside individuals. Some safe rooms are beginning to use advanced technology to enhance the effectiveness of a safe room, often implementing the use of camera monitoring, secret passageways, and electromagnetic locks.

Here are just a few of the high-tech safety measures many people are beginning to implement in their own homes:

Fog machines to ward off intruders: The initiation of synthetic fog in the home is just one of the many new additions to upgraded security systems. When the system notices an intruder, the fog is released in the home to help confuse and ward off the danger.

Wine cellar that doubles up as an underground bunker: In some high-end homes, safe rooms often perform double duty to maximize space and efficiency. An underground safe room that doubles up as a wine cellar and food storage area is also becoming quite popular among some home owners.

iPads installed on walls that enable monitoring and control of key access points: Some homes with high-scale security will have iPads installed on walls that are hooked up to camera systems. These cameras monitor key access points in the home, and each iPad can control locks, lights, and security alarms throughout the home.

Electromagnetic locks on panic rooms: Panic rooms that need additional security are becoming increasingly structured with the use of electromagnetic locks. Users do not have to worry about the quality of the lock or locking the doors behind them, because these locks are incredibly sturdy and can't be opened with a traditional key or manipulation methods.

Secret Passageways. Many homes are becoming more like their sci-fi counterparts typically seen on television, with many calling on the use of secret passageways for extra protection. While some homeowners use these to add an element of fun into their home, many also use it for its ingenious safety factor.

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