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Best Places to Hide Valuables in Your Home

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hiding-valuables-blogMost burglaries are quick and fairly simple in approach and execution. Intruders don't often search a home extensively to find hidden jewels or expensive items and usually take what they can see as soon as they enter. That being said, it is imperative, regardless of security level, that valuable items be placed out of sight when away at work, school, or on vacation. Finding hiding places is essential for ensuring the safety of your items, not to mention your entire home.

You may not own a safe or have a hidden passageway for your valuables; however, there are some areas that any homeowner can utilize for storing their most valuable possessions. Here are a few ideas:

  • Containers in the Kitchen. Having containers in the kitchen cabinet that are labeled with words like "Flour" or "Sugar" can be an ingenious way of hiding your possessions out of sight. An intruder is unlikely to investigate the kitchen cabinets or pantry and is even less likely to look into containers with labels that suggest meaningless, mundane materials.
  • A False Wall Socket. Some companies online sell false wall sockets that double up as a hiding place for small, valuable objects. Necklaces, coins, and other similar small materials can be hidden with relative ease. It may be wise to place a large houseplant or furniture near the socket just in case to slightly obscure or detract from its presence.
  • Wrapped in Aluminum Foil in the Freezer. Paper money can be wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in the back of the freezer for safe keeping. This can be helpful in some cases if there is a fire. Intruders are unlikely to look in the freezer for valuables, and many would think twice before opening up wrapped "food" products.
  • Hollowed Books. If you own a library, it may be wise to evenly disperse a couple of hollowed-out books to throw off potential snoopers. These books can hold an assortment of small objects, and most look and feel like real books.

What other security hacks do you implement in your home? Share your ideas with our readers on Facebook!