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Benefits of Integrated Services

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When it comes to home security, the more you have, the better off you are. You can never be too safe, whether you live in the middle of a city or a more rural area such as Lebanon, New Hampshire. Even when you are not at home, an integrated security system can keep a watchful eye out for you and alert you to any unusual or suspicious activity. Living in New England can be challenging enough, but an integrated security system can make it a little bit easier. If you are in the market for integrated services, Tasco is a great resource.

Benefits of Security Systems

You may think that your home or business is safe and secure enough and that you don't need a security system to monitor the property. However, these statistics will make you think twice about whether you should invest in a security system. Studies have shown that homes without a working security system are 300 percent more likely to be burglarized.

Other benefits that home (and business) owners can enjoy include reduced loss, more affordable insurance rates, faster assistance in the event of an emergency, increased real estate value, and peace of mind. All of this is attainable with a traditional security system, which may consist of camera systems or video monitoring. However, integrated services often provide a number of different ways to conveniently monitor and control many different systems at once.

Tasco offers a number of options when it comes to security systems, all of which will make your home or business safer. For added safety and security, Tasco installs innovative state-of-the-art control systems that are easy to use yet provide a wide range of security functions for your safety. Such systems are designed so that they can be armed in one location yet disarmed in another setting, even in the same home or building. Whether you are leaving for vacation or just want to stay safe, you will appreciate the benefits of a well-rounded security system.

Integrated Services

As the name suggests, integrated services provide a way for you to closely monitor your home or business easily and efficiently, often with just a single device. One example is the iBridge home services app, which is designed for smartphones and will also work with touchscreens and tablets as well as iPhones and iPads. With this app it is possible to turn lights and alarms on or off, view video locally and remotely, and receive email messages and video clips.

Interactive security services provide an advanced home monitoring service as well. Advanced benefits, including tamper resistant technology, advanced home monitoring technology, and the fact that a phone line or internet connection is not required can be very beneficial to homeowners. Such an interactive security system enables you to monitor your property even though the system has been disarmed. You can also stay on top of your property and receive notifications by text or email. For added convenience, you can control your home using the web or a mobile application.