Are Automatic Light Sensors Necessary?

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Crazy as it may sound many folks believe that having automatic sensors for their outdoor lighting is an unnecessary luxury.  In reality, automatic sensors for outdoor lighting adds an additional layer of security to maintaining a safe and secure home whether you are in bed for the night, or are out of town for the weekend.

Why are sensors important? Simply put, they eliminate the darkness that allows intruders to freely operate in anonymity. It is a well-documented fact that potential intruders steer clear of well-lit homes.

Automatic lighting systems are incredibly enhanced these days. They can even be set to activate when a figure of a certain height or even weight comes within range. You can now set the sensors so that you won’t be woken up by bright exterior lights coming on whenever the neighborhood cat strolls into your yard at night. Even when you are not at home, automatic sensors add to your home’s security. If your neighbors are aware of your absence they can be on the lookout anytime those automated lights come on at night.

Rather than being a luxury, automatic sensor controlled lighting can be an important tool to improve your home’s overall safety. To learn more about automatic sensors for your home security system, visit us at

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