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Alarm Security System Installation - Common Misconceptions

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When deciding whether or not to install an alarm system, keep in mind a few common misconceptions vs. the reality of this extremely useful tool:

1. A system is too costly
On the contrary, people are finding that the cost of an alarm system is becoming more and more affordable with advancements in technology. Furthermore, an alarm security system installation can do even more than keep your property safe; for some homeowners, it can also mean major savings in terms of your homeowners insurance. Mostly, the peace of mind that you gain with these systems is priceless!

2. A system will not work if we lose power
You may be surprised to learn that almost all security systems can be equipped with a backup power system and with the use of cellular technology, you can still be connected in the event that landlines go out.

3. A system will not deter burglaries
Statistics show that security systems are an excellent deterrent to theft and burglary, they make your home three times less likely to be a target! Thieves will not take second chances when it comes to their safety too, and would rather deal with an unprotected house.

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