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Access Control and Its Importance for Businesses

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In today's world, as companies grow in terms of both staff and assets, an important factor that has to be addressed is the need for strong physical security capabilities.

Years ago workers did not fear for their safety from disgruntled employees or customers, and employers did not worry about the loss of both physical and intellectual business assets. However that was before the increase in workplace violence and the proliferation of computers and the electronic information they used as well as stored. Today building access security has become a critical need by business owners and executives.

In addition to the physical security of a company's staff, it goes without saying that regardless of the industry within every organization proprietary information exists that is both personal and vital. Without the proper security measures, that information can be rather easily stolen, leaving the business owner or executives liable for its loss. In fact, a number of states have already enacted laws outlining the responsibilities of companies for the protection of personal information as well as the penalties for not implementing adequate security measures to do so. Many other states, as well as the federal government are following suit with similar information protection laws.

The question becomes how to prevent such a loss from occurring? The answer begins with access control systems.

Using access control units not only prevents unauthorized persons from entering a place of business it can also monitor when, and where, employees go within a building. From simple access code keypads, to biometric scanners, to RFID (radio frequency identification) readers, today's access control units have a vast array of capabilities. They can greatly increase the tracking and accountability of employees as well as visitors alike.

While there are many other systems and devices used to protect a company's physical and intellectual assets as well as its employees, a strong network of access control devices is the first line of defense.

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