5 Easy Landscaping Tricks for Added Security

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Believe it or not, your home’s landscaping can drastically change the effectiveness of your security. While we stand buy our custom security systems, these five easy landscaping tips can give your security system an extra boost.Tasco Landscaping1

1. Tree Spacing
Trees are great for adding shade and privacy to your yard, but they can also provide easy access to second story windows. When planting trees, or updating your landscape, consider how far those trees are from your house. Trimming back existing boughs can also alleviate this possible security hazard.

2. Shrubbery and Hedges
The idyllic New England home often boasts at least a couple well-trimmed hedges or shrubs, but the emphasis is on “well-trimmed.” If uncared for, shrubs and hedges can provide an easy hiding spot for thieves and intruders. If regular maintenance is not your thing, ask your landscaper about other foliage options.

3. Sharp Choices
When choosing plants for your garden, consider how thorns can hinder unwelcome guests. Roses aren’t just beautiful; they can be thorny and painful barriers between your home and intruders. Not all thorns are created equal, so do your research before you plant.

4. Gravel Borders
The ability to silently sneak into a home is key for robbers. To make this more difficult for them, consider using gravel borders around your home, especially under windows and by back patios or decks. Gravel will make footsteps easier to detect and deter intruders.

5. Fences
A white picket fence is the American dream, but remember that a tall fence can provide cover for potential intruders. No one likes nosy neighbors, but they could help keep your home safe.

So remember folks, when it comes to home security, your yard is the first line of defense. And, for everything else, call Tasco Security!
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