We’re Making Tasco Security Services Even Better!

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18 Dec
We’re Making Tasco Security Services Even Better!

We are making a move to a new Central Monitoring Station that will give our loyal customers even more reliable security coverage.

Our new Central Monitoring Station is a state of the art, load balancing facility. This means any signals or calls going to the central station are getting even better response times than before. It also means that there is a triple redundancy in security response without any increase in cost to you, our customers.

Not to worry, Tasco Security is still local, and will always be available for hands-on, personalized services. You trust us to provide superior security and we know this new Central Monitoring Station will allow us to serve our customers even better than before.

As a customer, this move will not only increase your security, but will also improve the customer service you receive. Rather than calling the central station directly to make changes in contact information, etc., you will be directed exclusively to our office. This means that you are receiving personalized care for your account. This change eliminates any unintended consequences when dispatching your alarm. For instance, if you decide to take a phone number off of your call list and that number happens to have been the premise contact number, a customer service representative would catch that and ask you for a new premise number. We are always looking out for you.

We at Tasco Security are very excited about the added benefits this change in central monitoring stations will create for our customers! If you have any questions please give us a call, we would love to hear from you.

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