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Why Remote Video Monitoring Is Another Feather in Innovation’s Cap

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When business or average citizens have conversations about innovation, the usual suspects are often the same ones that get mentioned over and over. For business, the topics generally center on data analytics and the cloud. For the average person on the street, smartphone technology is usually at the center of things.

However, security is another aspect that shouldn't get overlooked. Monitoring your home or business with professional security systems is the way to go in these modern times and the sure path to peace of mind. Camera systems have come a long way to the point where they offer complete protection and safety with integrated alarm features and environmental systems that alert you before your pipes have frozen or your furnace breaks down - not after.

Looking for a company that can supply you with these comprehensive security packages that involve features like Life Safety Systems and access control features means using several criteria. Make sure any firm you are thinking about giving your business to has a level of transparency in the sense they offer some value added tips on what kind of durability is best in camera systems. For instance, if you plan on putting these cameras outside, having weather resistant coverings is a critical prerequisite. As far as video quality goes, high resolution megapixel cameras are rapidly becoming the standard bearer for all security systems.

As a security company, we understand the need for a comprehensive approach for this new breed of Life Safety Systems. Beyond the remote video monitoring capabilities we employ, Tasco offers several innovative features like a doubly redundant communications system that alerts the proper responders. This feature is a fine example of the complete blanket approach to security that innovation can provide.