Video Security System Planning

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There are a lot of questions that you should consider before the installation process of your video security system. A few of the main ones include camera placement, how many cameras you will need, and how you wish to view your cameras.

As far as security camera placement, you may just want the ability to scan the perimeter of your property, including driveways and walkways. In the case of homes with a swimming pool, having a camera directed at it would allow you to keep an eye out, which gives you peace of mind in terms of safety. Points of entry into your home are also important options, including doors, windows, bulkheads or attached garages. Carefully consider these camera placements, this will allow you to be ready to go on installation day.

How many cameras you would like to utilize depends on the dimensions and setup of your home and what your personal security needs are. Contact our security camera system experts for help determining the right number of cameras for your needs.

How you can view the footage that your cameras capture is now easier and more instant than ever thanks to new technology. More and more now, people are utilizing Tablets and Smartphones to see what is going on in their homes while they are not there to see for themselves, this new technology is proving to be extremely effective and provides peace of mind to many.

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