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Marantz/Boston Acoustics State of the Art
Home Theater System

Marantz MM9340 Power Amplifier: (2 included)

Today’s home theater and custom-designed systems need power. But they don’t need the heat produced by conventional amplification. Marantz has risen to that challenge with the MM9340 multi-channel power amplifier. It produces a staggering 250 watts RMS from each of its four channels. And, thanks to high-speed MOSFET output devices used in a unique spread-spectrum switching array, does so without the wasteful heat of less sophisticated designs. The MM9340’s efficiency, up to five times greater than Class A or AB circuits, doesn’t come at the expense of sound quality however. The massive toroidal transformer only hints at the clean, stable, ultimately musical power capable of driving virtually any loudspeaker available today. An RC-5 remote connector, 12 volt “trigger” outputs, five way binding posts, gold plated RCA and XLR inputs, and rack-mount capability complete the picture.

With the tools of today's technology, these systems can work for you -- not just alerting you to an intruder, but telling you where the intruder is; not just warning of smoke or fire, but lighting the way to safety.... and always notifying the proper responder via a doubly redundant communications system.

Marantz DV9500 Progressive Scan Universal DVD Player

The DV9500 includes many examples of Marantz’s best engineering and refined circuitry with carefully chosen internal components.

It supports DVD, DVD-A, SA-CD (stereo and multi-channel), CD, CD-R, CD-RW, VCD 2.0, SVCD, and MP-3 discs with built-in Dolby Digital and dts decoders and true DSD processing for all SA-CDs. A dual-transformer power supply separates circuits to eliminate interference.

Analog audio circuitry includes unique high current HDAM modules mounted on a separate circuit board for extra isolation. The chassis includes a double-layer bottom plate to minimize vibrations and the transport mechanism is highly damped to minimize tracking problems that can affect both picture and sound.

Video circuitry includes a separate progressive-scan 10-bit D/A converter in addition to the main 216 MHz/14-bit video processor. NSV (Noise Shaped Video) circuits further reduces video noise for extraordinary reproduction.

Conveniences abound. There’s a customizable start-up screen, parental controls, an HDMI video output. And an RS-232 port for total system control. The DV9500. Proof that Marantz values your total satisfaction.

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