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So, what is unique about servicing the high end and how does it pay off?

Breed says that the company does not have a specific strategy that is any different for the high-end client to any other client. "Our philosophy is always the same in providing the best life safety system we can. What is different in the high-end client is the lack of focus on a set budget." he admits.

"With these clients, we can focus on safety and security, and not have as much concern over what it costs."

"This type of client mirrors our own philosophy," continues Breed.

"For example, we never want to give a client -- be it low- or high-end -- a false sense of security," he explains. "Because of this, we won't even install a fire system unless we can put a heat detector ove the furnace and in the kitchen, even though it costs a little bit more. We won't so it since fires can often originate in these locations."

Breed feels they have to be thorough in order to truly provide a life safety system, and most high-end customers understand this. "In addition, every working day we upload the signal history from the central station several times to review the alarm activity," he says.

"if, for example, a home has set off a false alarm from the back door three times in a two-week period, we will check in with the homeowner. We'll ask them if there's anything we can do to reduce the rate of false alarms. Often, it is a case of the owner not understanding how to use the system successfully. It may also be that we discover equipment failure or, worse, that we did not design the system to meet their lifestyle or changing needs," Breed admits.

By contacting the client proactively, Breed feels the company achieves several advantages and efficiencies. "First, if they have to call us, they are most likely pretty perturbed," he says. "Second, by calling out to them,, it helps to structure the work day for my staff; taking random calls from irate clients is inefficient and stressful. Thirdly, we can schedule the service work or download of the panel when it is more efficient for us."

The company covers a very large rural area. A well-scheduled service day might have as many as seven billable calls. A not so good one, two or three. "Anticipating the client's needs allows for us to group together calls geographically," Breed explains. "All of our systems have a minimum of a weekly test, and many have a daily test. This is essential to truly providing security service. Because of these features, our monitoring fee might be a bit higher, but the people that are paying for high-end service more than appreciate the extra attention. They'd much rather have us pinpoint and fix a problem before it escalates into an emergency call."

Breed and his staff prepare for a sales call with a high-end customer in a special way. Foremost, there is no such position as sales at Tasco; the employees have design positions. The company generally hires from within.

"When we first meet with a client, we use various techniques to gather information about what is needed in that particular home," Breed states. "We thoroughly evaluate their property and their needs, so we can prescribe th right system. We review the property from top to bottom if it's an existing property, and we go over the plans if the house is being built. We check all the locks and all the choke points. We take note of landscaping and lighting. We also go through a lengthy questionnaire with the client so that we can custom design a system that addresses that particular property and the way in which they inhabit it."

Breed adds, "We don't simply replicate a basic system into a larger one without thoroughly understanding the use of the property and the needs of its users. We determine what devices are appropriate, and we pay attention to what needs to be done to reduce false and unwanted alarms."

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