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Tasco's sales consultants review plans
for a client's security system

How does Tasco security go about monitoring and servicing their clients' sophisticated systems?

"At Tasco we are set up to monitor and service alarm systems and their signals like no other company in New Hampshire or Vermont," states Breed.

"From the type of alarm controls we use to the sophisticated programming and ongoing Tasco support, our operation uses time-tested and well-refined policy and procedure to meet our clients' needs," he comments.

Tasco's monitoring facility is fully equipped with two generators, with a full capacity UPS. The phone lines are duplicate, primary service by multiple T-1s, with a traditional hot swapping copper back-up standing by in case of failure. In addition, every receiver has a hot back-up, triple redundant computer system, dual redundant phone system and on and on. In short, the facility is built to be fault tolerant, withstanding equipment and environmental adversity without missing alarm signals. The plant design substantially exceeds UL standards.

Tasco uses its own redundant monitoring communication system employing an encrypted high frequency encoder with a radio transceiver to maintain the communication link between the client's alarm control and monitoring station. This equipment allows the alarm system to transmit alarm, testing and diagnostic information without ever using any phone system. Self healing, the Tasco radio network is the best means to ensure alarm response in the face of adversity. Tasco also uses cellular and other technologies in various combinations to provide redundant alarm signaling. The individual client's needs and threat level determines which technologies are used in any given situation.

Every working day Tasco personnel review the alarm signals sent in by the panels. This is not a part of the active monitoring service, and has nothing to do with the emergency response. The reporting capability of Tasco's software combined with their procedures provide a significant advantage in the service and support of Tasco's clients.

Every signal sent from the systems, from low batteries, supervisories, restores, NTRs and, of course, unwanted/false alarms are reviewed and analyzed. This allows Tasco to call clients to schedule service, often before they are aware of a problem. It also allows the company to work with clients to lower their false and unwanted alarm rates. perhaps they need an instruction manual, or an onsite show-and-tell to review the operation of the equipment. Tasco's call to them leads to more informed clients and fewer unwanted alarms. It also allows Tasco to schedule service more on the company's terms and timetable, before relatively small issues escalate into emergency situations requiring immediate service.

All of the incident information, both that transmitted by the panel as well as the voice recorded calls to the monitoring station, calle ID, etc., is available to tasco's service department and customer service staff. Remote access to clients' alarm systems is another important advantage Tasco provides. Tasco supervisors can remotely access clients' control panels via a secured computer connection. They can review the user log, event history, everything. This proprietary system allows for complete control and diagnostics 24 hours a day/seven days a week of systems when the need arises.

"It's better for the client, and it's better for us," says Breed.

He adds, "our handling of account information is second to none in the business. All changes to account information are verified and logged, an essential procedure to prevent fraud, to provide a trail of responsibility/accountability should questions arise. Out of date information on the call list is followed up on and clients are constantly prompted to provide us with the most up-to-date list to contact and authorize user information."

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