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A customer's home is protected by Tasco Security
One recently completed Tasco Security project is for a couple who moved from Boca Raton, FL to a 7,700 square foor contemporary house in Woodstock, VT. The husband is a criminal attorney and through his business can come in contact with "unsavory characters", according to Breed.

There are valuable collectibles in the house including fine art, artifacts, duck decoys, a gun collection (kept in a gun safe), furniture, and a wine cellar filled with valuable wines. "There was relatively low personal security risk," says Breed, "but a relatively high property risk. There was no insurance company involvement or requirement."

The control system features a NAPCO Gemini 9600 with full Ditek surge suppression on both Telco and power automation contro; chips; a MAV-1000 voice driver; 4 flush mount speakers; 6 keypads/4 partitions (main - service - safe - wine); 8 NAPCO 4-button keyfobs; X-10 output module; expansion modules; relay output module; 3 fixed panic buttons; 1 strobe on exterior of house to denote alarm location for responders; 3 extra large cans/tampered 4 X &AH batteries with power/charging equipment to match; and AES radio backup on 8 outputs.

There are 13 exterior doors. The system also includes: 8 interior NAPCO dual technology motion detectors; 4 digital low temperature sensors, one per zone; 2 high water sensors; 2 carbon monoxide sensors; 2 propane sensors; 48 window screens; 8 bandit bars on basement windows; 1 wine room humidity sensor; 1 safe contact; 11 smoke detectors; 4 rate of rise and 8 fixed temp detectors. In addition, there are 4 cameras -- Silet Witness Nighthawks; i Robot quad; and 1 Tote Vision flat panel monitor.

Says Breed, "The system has 4 partitions in it. The main house, which is the bulk of the living space, the service area, which is used by the gardener and domestic daytime staff, the wine room and the safe. Access is controlled through the panel software to allow only entry to the appropriate area by the appropriate person depending on the time of day and their job description. The panel also reports openings and closings to store access information off site."

The keyfobs are programmed with various capabilities to provide one-touch control over various subsystems in the house. The gate and garage doors can be opened on demand. The camera system can be shunted by the keyfob, allowing the owner to stop recording on demand. This is done through the relay output control off of the bus.

On alarm, the strobe is tripped to help the emergency responder to identify the location. On fire alarm, the interior hallway lights come on as well as exterior lights to help the client to exit the building via X-10 control. Panic buttons are secreted in several key locations to allow for activation in the event of a home invasion. The panel has an ambush code programmed into it. In this way, entering digits in addition to the regular code triggers a silent ambush panic to the central station. The garage doors and one pedestrian door are programmed for autopenrollment to allow for easier exiting. The entrance through the garage has two delay doors, programmed. The total cost of this high-end residential system is $26,000.

Another high-end residential client of Tasco is a high security client and firearms expert in Ludlow, VT, who has had numerous death threats due to a past occupation, according to Breed.

The perimeter system in this home includes: a NAPCO Gemini 3200 panel; full surge suppression on every circuit, power and Telco; 4 large cans; 2 power supplies; 6 X 7 AH batteries; X-10 remote controls; 4 piezo alerts; i dual technology exterior motion sensor; 9 Optex beams; 5 Pulnix beams; and 2 magnetic driveway probes.

"The house is surrounded by a fence, which is the baseline for installation of Pulnix and Optex beams as well as an exterior dual tech motion sensor in the driveway area. These beams/motion sensor are tied into a NAPCO Gemini 3200 panel," Breed continues. "On alarm, the exterior lights that illuminate the area that has been tripped go on for five minutes. This gives the homeowner a tactical advantage; the occupant knows where the person is, not just that there is someone out there somewhere. The piezo and beam system can be a page to the caretaker."

The system in the main house includes: a NAPCO Gemini 9600 (92 windows, screens, skylights and emergency exit doors are on this panel, armed 24/7); a NAPCO Gemini 9600 (12 pedestrian and 4 garage doors are on this system, plus 13 glass breaks as well as the fire and environmental detection); 3 keypads per system; 2 stress sensors mounted on stairs; 2 safe contacts; 2 magnetic locks controlled by the NAPCO system to lock interior doors; 5 keyfobs; 4 X 7AH batteries with Ditek telco and power surge protection; 8 discreet pinhole and camouflage cameras, two in infrared; Tobot multiplexer with motion detection; and 3 flat screen monitors.

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